Veritable Smart Indoor Garden Kit – 4 Seed Varieties

Veritable Smart Indoor Garden Kit – 4 Seed Varieties

Veritable Smart Indoor Garden Kit – 4 Seed Varieties

This product has been discontinued.

Why Buy Me?

  • A garden that takes care of itself!
  • Smart LED lighting adjusts to the room
  • Super simple set up with compact design
  • Includes 4 seeded growing packs
  • Go on holiday – holds 3 weeks of water
  • Certified organic
  • Lakeland 3 year guarantee included
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Veritable Smart Indoor Garden Kit – 4 Seed Varieties

Product number: 61598

If you aren’t the most green fingered person, but long to enjoy home grown produce and fresh herbs, the Veritable Smart Garden is here to help, and it’ll do all of the hard work for you! A brilliant way to enjoy a year-round indoor ‘window box’ garden and ideal for anyone who loves to cook – but might not have space for a garden – it’s a fabulous way to grow the freshest possible ingredients, without any need for gardening knowhow.

Packed with highly sophisticated technology, Veritable’s Smart Garden Kit provides its plants with everything they need, ensuring they have the correct amount of light, irrigation and nutrients. You could keep it in a shady corner well away from a window, and your plants would still grow. Best of all, it’s super compact, so even if space is at a premium, you can still enjoy a variety of home-grown herbs, fruit and veg.

Smart LED lighting

With its smart LED grow light system, you can enjoy growing and eating fresh produce at any time of year, regardless of the season, as this ultra-clever indoor garden will provide the exact level of light your produce needs. This means you can put your garden anywhere – no worrying about getting a good window spot, you could put the Veritable Garden in a room with no windows at all, and the clever system would still provide the optimum lighting. Similarly, if you place it near a window and it’s a bright day, the lights will automatically dim – very smart – and energy saving too!

Automatically controlled, the lights stay on for 16 hours a day (from the first time you switch it on), then switch off for 8 hours to emulate a natural daylight cycle.

Simple set up

Setting up your smart garden couldn’t be simpler – or quicker – just plug in, fill up the water reservoir, insert up to four Lingots and watch things grow day by day… In as little as 4 weeks, you could be enjoying your own home-grown produce.

Includes 4 organic seed packs, or Lingots

Inside the box, you’ll find one each of cherry tomato, sweet basil, chives and parsley Lingots that will sprout in a week, and be ready to harvest in just 3-4 weeks.

“But what is a Lingot?” we hear you ask. They are innovative pre-packed pods that contain the seeds along with a natural planting medium and all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth, and they’re the perfect size to pop into your Veritable Garden for super-easy planting. Made from coconut fibre, peat and natural nutrients, the patented Lingots are 100% organic and the composition is specific to the requirements of each plant variety, with the optimum spacing between each seed, sufficient aeration for roots, correct PH levels and essential nutrients to ensure regular, flourishing harvests.

Ready to harvest in 4 weeks

Perfect for the impatient, you will have ready-to-eat herbs, grown from seed, in as little as 4 weeks! Your seeds will sprout in one week and the herbs will be ready to harvest within a month, continuously providing you with a flavoursome bounty for several months to come.

Please note: the tomatoes will take a little longer to produce results, but you’ll be able to harvest them after around 3 months, and they’ll keep fruiting for up to 2 months.

Lingots seeded with herb varieties will produce a whopping 4-6 months of harvest, helping you to create flavour-rich dishes time and time again – just snip off what you need and throw it straight into the pot!

Lingots can be stored for up to 1 year before use, so any that you don’t use immediately will be ready for planting once your first crop is finished.

Self-sufficient water reservoir

It’s impossible to over or under-water your plants – all you need to do is top up the 2 litre water tank every 3-4 weeks and the Smart Garden will ensure your plants receive the optimum amount of water for them to thrive. So you can go on holiday assured that you will come home to the welcoming aroma of fresh herbs and a bounty of beautiful veg rather than a wilting crop of devastation. The ever-helpful garden will let you know when the water reservoir needs refilling with a friendly blink of its LED warning light.

Sleek design

Pristine in white and compact with smooth, rounded edges, Veritable’s Smart Garden will compliment any home. It has four compartments in the base to hold Lingots, with two sleek, silver LED light poles in the centre. The height of each light can be adjusted throughout the growing process, so if one set of plants is growing faster than the others, you can arrange the lights at different levels to suit the plants’ needs.

Certified organic produce

Working with certified organic seed producers in France, Veritable work hard to ensure only the best quality seeds are selected, testing new seeds for a year before releasing them to market. This means you can enjoy the most vibrant, fragrant and tasty produce possible. All of the seeds are GMO, pesticide and insecticide free.

Tested by Lakeland

We’re busy bees in the office at Lakeland, so one thing we don’t have time for is tending to a crop, so we put the Veritable Smart Garden to the test to see just how self-sufficient it is. Despite being pretty much forgotten in the corner of the office, with only a water top up every 3 weeks, we ended up with a crop of tomatoes and mini peppers that were truly delicious – it certainly gets a thumbs up from us!

Eco friendly

The folks at Veritable are very conscious of their environmental impact, which is why all of their packaging is recyclable, they use plant-based ink and sustainably sourced paper. The Lingots are all compostable and biodegradable, so you can pop them on the compost heap, or into your compost bin once you’ve harvested all that they can give.

More plant varieties to choose from

You’ll find replacement Lingots on our website, and if you want to expand your growing possibilities there are over 30 varieties of Lingot to choose from on Veritable’s own site; you can grow everything from juicy strawberries, to aromatic herbs, leafy greens and even edible flowers to create show stopping desserts and salads.

The base unit is BPA free.

About Veritable

Aware of the ever-increasing problem of urbanisation, this French based company wanted to make it possible for everyone, including city dwellers, to grow their own fresh fruit and veg at home, regardless of space or type of abode. Pioneers of urban farming, their innovative and modern creations have won them an array of awards – and quite right too!

Product dimensions

Water tank 2 litre. 33 x 18.5 x 38cm H. 1.5kg. Flex 150cm. 10W.

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