Lakeland PushPan Loose Based 23cm Cake Tin - Round

Lakeland PushPan Loose Based 23cm Cake Tin - Round

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Lakeland PushPan Loose Based 23cm Cake Tin - Round

star star star star star_border ( 31 reviews )

This product has been discontinued.

Product Features

  • Anodised aluminium PushPan
  • 100% leakproof loose-based cake tin
  • Watertight silicone seal
  • Suitable for baked cheesecakes
  • Easy-release – no lining needed
  • 23cm Dia. x 8cm H.
  • Lakeland 3 year guarantee included
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Lakeland PushPan Loose Based 23cm Cake Tin - Round

Product number: 15774

Fruit-laden cakes, super-light sponges and delicate desserts will all slide smoothly out of this 9" PushPan Loose-Based Cake Tin and, thanks to the watertight, leakproof seal around the base, it’s the perfect tin for rich, water-bath baked cheesecake recipes.

The loose-based cake tin that doesn’t leak

If you haven’t yet made their acquaintance, we’d like to introduce you to PushPans. They’re the only loose-based cake tins we’ve ever come across that are completely watertight and leakproof, and it’s all thanks to the snugly fitting silicone seal around the edge of the base, which ensures that none of your mixture escapes and no liquid gets in. So you can cook loose batters without any leaks, bake a pudding or cheesecake in a water bath without having to wrap your tin in layer after layer of tin foil – and then remove your creations without having to turn your cake tin upside down, simply by pushing up the base to release the seal.

Patented silicone seal base

So why would you need a 100% watertight, loose-based cake tin? Firstly, let’s talk about putting things into the tin. The super-tight seal around the base ensures absolutely nothing leaks, even from the thinnest of cake, quiche and batter mixtures, which allows for so many more recipe choices and helps to keep your oven mess-free – and means you can use it just like you would a ‘normal’ cake tin with a solid base, if you want to.

Water-bath baking

And what about liquid on the outside of the cake pan? Have you ever cooked a baked cheesecake in a ‘bath’ of water, bain marie-style? If the answer’s yes, then you’ll no doubt have wrapped the outside of the cake pan in a couple of layers of foil so the water couldn’t make its way inside and ruin your cheesecake mix. The PushPan’s trusty seal eliminates any need for wrapping as it won’t let a drop of H20 in.

Faff-free prep

You won’t find any fiddly clips to contend with, and there’s no need to line a PushPan with greaseproof paper, so you won’t get any baked-in parchment wrinkles that might ruin the look of your finished bake – just grease with a little butter or fat to enhance the non-stick performance of the pan and to help the base push in and out more easily. And there are handy fill lines on the interior of each pan, giving the option of a shallow or deeper cake, or a perfectly measured-out multi-layered mousse.

Easy-release for perfect presentation

When it comes to presentation, the easy-release seal ensures your hard work isn’t undone at the final stage. Just pop your PushPan on top of a tall tin and push down firmly on either side of the collar – this will release the seal and raise up the base, with your perfectly presented cheesecake, sponge or savoury dish perched on top. The collar has no seams to leave unattractive lines in your cheesecakes, and the baked goods are released easily with perfect edges.

Evenly baked results

Made from heavy-gauge, silver anodised aluminium, PushPans offer even heat distribution with no hotspots, are oven safe to 230°C, freezer safe and metal utensil-friendly.

How to use

Before first use, wash and dry your PushPan, and grease the inside and base. Insert the base with the silicone seal at the bottom, and gently push all the way down until it sits evenly against the bottom of the collar with a snug fit. To serve your creation once it’s baked, just place the pan on a tall tin from your cupboard, push down on the top of the collar to release the seal, then slide your cake from the base onto a serving plate. To clean your PushPan, gently wash both pieces in warm, soapy water, rinse and dry.

Find the perfect PushPan

Round PushPans are available in either anodised aluminium or non-stick heavy-gauge steel in a range of sizes – perfect for large celebration cakes – and there’s also a square version and a flan tin in aluminium too. With use, the anodised aluminium pans will build up a patina that enhances their natural non-stick properties even further.


  • Oven safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Metal utensil friendly

Product dimensions

23cm Dia. x 8cm H.

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Customer rating: 4
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close clear refinements

"What a shame!"

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Along with other reviewers - I took a chance on this tin despite mixed reviews. As rec'd for cheesecake. I made my cheesecake, greased etc. Dinner party guests arrived to find me trying to detach the cooled cheesecake from the tin. 24 hours later I am still trying to soak off where stuck - all round the sides and the base. Definitely not non stick and also disagree with 'loose bottomed' - though to be fair it didn't leak. Very grumpy and disappointed. Not yet convinced will be able to use it again. Not burnt, oven temp was at 160 degrees turned down to 140 after 30 min, just stuck like glue.

support_agent A note from the team

We're sorry the cheesecake stuck. We'd advise that unsalted butter, lard and margarines are best suited for greasing rather than oil sprays. It's best to grease well on first use. You could always try flour on top of the grease as well. To release the seal just place the pan on a tall tin from your cupboard and push down.

"Best cake tin I have owned"

star star star star star

I am always a bit saddened to read this bad reviews of my loved cake tins. The are really the best I have ever owned. They bake evenly and thanks to "the push" cakes release easily. Only never forget lightly oiling the seal before storing the cake tin and it is a good idea to line the bottom with baking paper.

"Excellent quality"

star star star star star

This is a great qualityk, long-lasting cake tin with a really well fitting push out base which makes baking so much easier!

"Lakeland PushPan Loose Based 23cm Cake tin- round"

star star star star star

This was the first time I had used this type of cake tin. I baked my Christmas cake in it. The information on the label stated "no need to line the tin". So I didn't. The cake cooked perfectly and came out of the tin perfectly. It washes so well too. I would definitely recommend this cake tin and I will be looking to buy more

"Not risking baking in this!"

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Took a chance on ordering this cake tin despite mixed reviews. I haven't even baked with it and I'm sending it back. Followed the instructions on how to use a tin to release the base and the seal is that strong that I had to use a lot of force to push it down resulting in the base coming out very quickly and the blue gasket flying off. The gasket is very tricky to replace when this happens. Considering I purchased this size tin to make my Christmas cake in later this year I would not risk making something using expensive ingredients in the fear that it would result in failure.

support_agent A note from the team

Thank you for your review. We're sorry this cake tin wasn't for you and we're glad we were able to put things right for you.

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