Smiley Faces Cookie Cutters


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    Smiley Faces Cookie Cutters



    05 March 2012

    I found these cutters else where a few months ago for double the price. Then found them here and couldnt resist them. Used them for the first time the other day and they brilliant. Really easy to use and look great! The only down side is they didnt come with a recipe for the cookie base, but I just used a recipe of another lakeland cookie set.

    Smiley Faces Cookie Cutters


    "Very cute"

    24 February 2012

    I've yet to actually try these as biscuit cutters but I've used them for bread to make jam sandwiches for my daughter who's little face lit up! She couldn't wait to show everyone her lunch. I'm going to use them for her birthday party also. Lovely idea.

    Smiley Faces Cookie Cutters


    "smiley hubby and kids"

    16 February 2012

    Really easy to use. I had no problems removing the dough from the cutters. The dough mix I made up was as follows 300g unsalted soft butter,1 tsp vanilla extract,300g caster sugar,2 small beaten eggs,pich of salt,600g plain flour.Cream butter & sugar then add the eggs,vanilla and salt mix well then gradually add the flour.Wrap in cling film and chill for 1 hour. Oven at 180oc/gas 4 they take about 12 mins to bake. The mix can also be frozen. I filled mine with buttercream flavoured with strawberry and jam.Everyone gave them the thumbs up even the dogs gave them a paws up.So happy baking.

    Smiley Faces Cookie Cutters


    "Big Smiles all round"

    27 January 2012

    Loved these smiley faces – easy to use and the family loved them too.

    Smiley Faces Cookie Cutters


    "Made me smile! :0)"

    09 January 2012

    These are amazing! I found them very easy to work with, as in previous reviews the faces are a bit more difficult to get out but I held the cutter in one hand and tapped on the top ot the cutter with the handle of a pallet knife with the other hand and found that 99% of the time they popped out no problem. They have had rave reviews from family members and brought a smile to colleagues faces on and dreary monday morning! I couldnt reccomend these highly enough!

    Smiley Faces Cookie Cutters



    25 October 2011

    I was a bit disappointed with these cutters. The bases were fine, but the smiley face tops tended to stick (even with plenty of flour). They had to be pushed out which left marks, but I will persevere, my grandson thought they were fun.

    Smiley Faces Cookie Cutters


    "Smiley faces all round!"

    13 October 2011

    These are great - easy enough to use with a not very patient small boy. They do need a bit of flour to help the pastry unstick from them and the stars are the most tricky BUT they work! I'm looking forward to eating them now... :-)

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