Banana Guard Holder Case


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    Banana Guard Holder Case


    "guard of honour!"

    26 May 2008

    ooh it's brilliant. Fits every single banana I can throw at it, and is the envy of my little boy's classmates. Added bonus: putting the skin back in the box means you don't have to scrape a smelly banana skin out of the bottom of a schoolbag at the end of the day if they can't find a bin. A small point but it makes me really happy.

    Banana Guard Holder Case


    "Does what it says it does!"
    Cathy Bryant

    24 May 2008

    I've just bought one for a friend as I'm so happy with mine. Pays for itself in edible bananas quite quickly! Recommended.

    Banana Guard Holder Case



    09 May 2008

    I disagree with the statement made previously. I purchased a banana case not so long ago and have yet to find a banana that does not fit in the case. I am very happy with this product and don't have any problems with it. In fact many people who have seen my banana case have brought one.

    Banana Guard Holder Case


    "A poor fit"
    Mrs Baggus

    21 April 2008

    I bought two of these banana protectors principally for my two boys. I was fed up of going on a day out only to find black and unedible bananas at the bottom of a bag. I thought they were expensive but would prove value for money as I wouldn't waste so many bananas. I am very disappointed. On the day the order arrived I had 3 bananas in the house, none of them fitted. I thought I'd wait until the weekend shop to finally see if I'd wasted my money. Out of the all the bananas I bought this weekend only one fits (and even then it requires squashing a little). I am very disappointed, especially in light of the claims it is 'designed to accomodate virtually every shape and size of banana'. I am going to be requesting to return this product.

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