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Heart Warming Soups

The true soul food of the season, you really can't beat a steaming bowl of hearty soup as the darker nights draw in...

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Seasonal Vegetables - Perfect for Soups

Go seasonal and give your food more flavour


Like cauliflower and broccoli, kale is related to the cabbage and was introduced to Europe over 2,500 years ago. High in vitamins C and K, it's a super foodstuff for the colder months as it grows throughout the winter and its flavour is actually sweetened by frost. Buy fresh and eat soon after purchase for the best flavour.

Try steaming to keep the flavour and vitamins intact, or add finely chopped kale to stir-fries, pasta and seasonal salads.

In season: September to February



A knobbly ball of rooty goodness, celeriac is from the celery family but has a far earthier, nuttier taste, so if you're not fond of celery, don't let that put you off! Full of vitamin C and potassium, it's great for your immune system, muscle and nervous system. If kept away from light and heat, celeriac will stay fresh and tasty for around a fortnight.

An excellent complement to roast beef when roasted like parsnip, it's also scrumptious mashed in potatoes or puréed in a creamy soup.

In season: October to February



Boiled, mashed, roasted, baked, chipped, sautéed, wedges, salads... An amazing foodstuff that most of us eat several times a week, potatoes are brimming over with vitamins, minerals and versatility, lending themselves to all manner of dishes and cooking methods.

To make the difference between a good and a great cooked spud, try to buy a specific variety for whatever dish you're planning; King Edward for roasties and Nadine for mash, to give but two flavoursome examples.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place or potato bag to keep sprouting at bay.

In season: main crop from August to February



A vegetable as full of mystery as flavour, sleep with a leek on St David's Day and you'll dream of your future spouse! Go for a medium-sized leek for the best flavour – the widest leeks tend to taste too woody and lose their sweetness. Legend has it that eating leeks dramatically improves your singing voice, so what have you got to lose?

Excellent in pasta dishes, pies and tarts, leeks are a splendid source of vitamin C, iron and fibre and will fill out soups and stews, adding a mild oniony flavour.

In season: November to April