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Endless possibilities

Put two cakes together for a great owl, football or teapot, turn a single cake into a ladybird or hedgehog, or use two different sizes for a cute puppy. The world's your oyster.

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Large and Medium Pan

Top Tips:

We used a large and medium pan to create the body and head of our dog. Start of by covering the cake with an icing colour of your choice and polish with the palm of your hand to create a nice shine. Then roll some different coloured spots out and stick to the dog using some warm water. Finally use some more icing to create shapes for the tail and ears. Use a little spaghetti through the centre of the tail to ensure it stands up when you stick to the cake.


Medium and Small Pan

Top Tips:

Use a medium and small pan so you can have a baby hedgehog. Get a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut the face of the hedgehogs out then stick to the hedgehog using a little warm water. To pipe the spines, make a thick icing and fill a disposable icing bag. With the tip cut off, squeeze some icing out onto the hedgehog and oull away to leave a spine, continue until you feel the hedgehog is complete. Finally using royal icing attach the face to your hedgehogs.


Medium Pan

Top Tips:

To make the perfect football, we used the medium pan. Start by cutting out two hexagonal and pentagonal templates out of paper. The edges of each shape for a medium sized pan are 350mm, start by rolling out the black icing and use the paper template to cut out 11 pentagons. Once they are all cut out, begin by placing the first pentagon to the very top of the cake, the rest of the pattern follows on from this. Using the hexagonal paper template, place it along one edge of the top pentagon and stick the next pentagon directly under this. Work your way around until you have stuck 5 pentagons in a ring, then repeat until the football is complete.


Medium Pan

Top Tips:

You can use any size cake pan to create your teapot, we used a medium size. Once the cake is covered with the coloured icing of your choice and decorated with any pattern you desire, make the handle and spout with a little Gum Tragacanth (this is to ensure they set harder). Attach them to the cake with royal icing and spaghetti as an internal support and leave to harden.


Large and Small Pan

Top Tips:

We used the large and small pan to create both the mummy and baby ladybird. To make the black spots don't feel you need to use round cutters, jus utilise your piping nozzles to cut the circles out. When creating the grass, fill a piping bag with green coloured butter cream and holding the bag at a 90° angle to the cake board squeeze to adhere the buttercream, once it has stuck stop squeezing and pull up and away to leave a clump of grass.

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