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Sharpening & storing

How to sharpen
your knives

The saying a sharp knife is a safe knife really is true. A knife with a dull blade is more likely to slip off food, rather than cut through it. And you'll find slicing so much easier when the blade is bright.

Different types of knife edge

Wedged knife edge
With both edges sharpened this blade gives excellent performance, but can require more regular attention to keep it at its sharpest.
Double-bevelled knife edge
Behind the edge bevel, which is the primary cutting surface, is a back bevel. This keeps the section of blade behind the edge thinner and improves cutting ability.
Chiselled knife edge
Only one side of the blade is sharpened, often at an angle of 20-30°. Chiselled knives also come in left and right-handed varieties, depending which side is ground.
Serrated knife edge
With a saw-like profile, the downward peaks of this blade do most of the cutting. This helps the troughs in between stay sharper for longer.

How to store
your knives

While many knives are dishwasher safe, it is still best to hand-wash them and dry them straightaway.

Blades are rust-resistant but not rustproof, so if they are regularly left in the dishwasher overnight, they can develop 'spots'. To remove rust spots, try a mild detergent and a scourer, alternatively you could try using a cork from a wine bottle. Likewise if you chop foods witha high acidic content like limes, lemons etc. it would be best to rinse the blade as soon as possible to prevent damage.

To protect the blade from chipping or scratching, it is advisable to store knives in a block or on a wall magnet rail.

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Knives in a block
Stellar Magnetic Knife Rack
Stellar Magnetic Knife Rack
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Bamboo Fibre Knife Block
Bamboo Fibre Knife Block
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Cutting &

When it comes to cutting and chopping like a professional chef, using the right knife is only half the story. The other vital piece of kitchen kit you'll need is a stylish, hard-wearing, and non-slip chopping board to work on.

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Sharpening and storing, Lakeland's ultimate knife guide