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If you thought a glass of juice was just a glass of juice, think again.

Extracting the freshest juice from fruit and vegetables yourself not only tastes delicious, it brings a host of health benefits in addition, from boosting energy and immunity to improving nutrition and general wellbeing, and helping in weight maintenance. Of course, this isn't a miracle cure, and you'll still need to partake in regular exercise and stick to a healthy, balanced diet, but give juicing a go and we think you'll quickly taste – and feel – the difference!

Compared to shop-bought, pre-squeezed juices, freshly squeezed has a delicious and unmistakeably natural flavour and original colour, is incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals, preserving many more of the beneficial nutrients, as well as being low in calories. And as if that wasn't enough, it's also a really easy and scrumptious way to help you towards your five-a-day.

5 a day

With a juicer on your worktop, there'll be no looking back – it's so simple to produce great tasting, brightly coloured juices and smoothies that don't look like something scooped out of a pond! You can do a lot with the kind of fruit you'd already have in your fruit bowl anyway – how about throwing together a bunch of grapes, a handful of strawberries and the juice of half a lime for a simple yet satisfying treat. It's best to start out with combinations of fresh berries and other sweet fruits such as limes, grapefruit and

melons before gradually incorporating leafier greens, salads and even wheatgrass into your concoctions over time, as your taste buds acclimatise. There's no end to the combinations you could come up with; try adding seasonal spins with summer berries or autumnal apples, even spring herbs or winter veg.


Juicing's not just the latest health fad either; it's become a lifestyle choice for many people around the world who have seen huge improvements to their health and wellbeing. A juicer is a considered purchase though so, before you jump in, let us guide you through the juicing jungle...

The power of  juicing

Watch Joe Cross, star of the Channel 5 movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, as he shares his Juicing expertise exclusively for Lakeland customers.

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