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Home Brew

Join the home brew revival by making your own beer and wine using Lakeland's new range of simple to brew kits.

It's back, it's easy, it tastes fantastic. Join in the fun with Lakeland's oh-so-simple beer, wine and cider-making kits.

The home brew revival is finally here, better than ever and not a moment too soon, what with the price of alcohol growing ever higher. In partnership with home-brewing experts Muntons, we've introduced a range containing everything you need to brew fantastic alcoholic beverages in your own home, from your first attempt onwards, with no previous experience necessary. You can also be sure that Muntons' kits contain only the finest natural ingredients with no unnecessary chemicals whatsoever, so your brew will be as pure as it is tasty. A truly rewarding experience on so many levels, you'll be surprised at the quality, ease and value for money that home brewing guarantees every time – dip your toe into the water and chances are you'll be smitten for life. A welcome return indeed…

Brew beer in 3 weeks Just a few simple steps to wine