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Guide to buying a bread maker

If you don't have time to make bread by hand, you can obtain superb results with a bread machine. It does all the mixing and kneading, allows the bread to rise and then bakes it at the correct temperature. All you have to do is add the ingredients. Once you've mastered the basics, you can experiment with all kinds of flavours and ingredients and soon be turning out such good bread; you'll never go near a supermarket loaf again.

Ideal for...

Everyday bread

Panasonic bread maker
Bread Maker

Giving you the control to make bread just how you like it.

"First time bread maker user and love it! By Julie"
Great for...


Cuisinart convection bread Maker
Lakeland Bread Maker Plus

The 'upper crust' in bread

"It looks good and the bread is delicious."
Perfect for...

Small kitchens

My Kitchen Compact<br /> Bread Maker
My Kitchen Compact
Bread Maker

A dinky machine designed expressly to be kept on your worktop.

"What an efficient little machine. By B"
Seeded Loaf
Wendy's Top Tips
  • Measure out your ingredients precisely and add them in the correct order (check your machine's instructions), ensuring you keep wet and dry ingredients separate.
  • Correct order (check your machine's instructions), ensuring you keep wet and dry ingredients separate.

Don't forget

Doves Farm Quick Yeast

Doves Farm
Quick Yeast

9 litre Lock & Lock Bread Box

9 litre Lock &
Lock Bread Box

Laucke Bread Machine Pre Mixes

Laucke Bread
Machine Pre Mixes

Salter Aquatronic Kitchen Scales

Salter Aquatronic
Kitchen Scales



Carrs 'Breadmaker Blends' Bread Mixes

Carrs 'Breadmaker
Blends' Bread Mixes

Things to consider

Freshly baked bread
Will it fit in my kitchen?

Bread machines can take up quite
a lot of space, so choose one that is right for your kitchen.

Different loaf sizes

Larger machines will normally make up to three different sized loaves.

Automatic seed
& nut dispensers

Some machines will allow you to add extra ingredients like nuts and raisins during the process. A beep will sound when it is time. More sophisticated machines will do this for you automatically

Does it allow you to
choose the crust colour?

Most machines default to medium but more expensive machines offer up to three shades of crust colour so you can have it just how you like it.

Number of programmes

Most machines have different pre-programmed settings for different flour types. Generally, the Basic or Normal programme is most commonly used. If your machine has a Rapid programme, it will produce a speedier loaf but be aware, the finished item may not rise as much and will be denser than one baked on the Normal setting.


Munchy seeds in Baking accessories


By hand

Baking accessories

My kitchen
loaf tins

Try it by hand

Imagine the delectable aroma of bread wafting through the kitchen as your home-made loaf bakes in the oven.