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Doctor Who

Make, bake, exterminate!

Saturday night. That unmistakeable theme music blasts from the TV, the iconic police box floats through space and 50 years after they first began, the time-travelling Doctor's adventures are enthralling a new generation.

Indelibly etched into British popular culture, Doctor Who is more celebrated than ever, and here at Lakeland we're delighted to bring you a brand new and completely exclusive range of exciting baking products this autumn. Now, we don't know much about time travel but when it comes to baking, we're the experts. Doctor Who cake

To celebrate the Doctor's anniversary, we've developed a themed selection of items to take your baking to another dimension. From a TARDIS cupcake kit to Dalek cake moulds, we've everything you need to join in the fun.

Dalek cupcakesAnd what better way to celebrate his fiftieth than throwing a Doctor Who-themed party? After all, even wannabe Time Lords need to let their hair down once in a while. Our out-of-this-world range features all the best-loved (and feared) characters, and will delight fans young and old. Now, bring on the fish custard and party on!

50 Years of Doctor Who - BBC