Can’t Live

We all have those favourite tools and products in our homes that we reach for first when we’re cooking, baking or cleaning. The ones you come back to Lakeland for time and time again. The things you just can’t live without.

For spring, we’ve got some great new ideas for you to discover, along with some firm customer favourites that we believe, once tried, will be added to your list of things you can’t live without.

Can’t Live Without VAMOOSE

Vamoose's foaming action clings to surfaces and cuts through grease and grime with no scrubbing to leave your kitchen looking super-shiny and smelling minty fresh.

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Can't live without Vamoose
A review about the Vamoose kitchen cleaner from Margaret Regan a Lakeland customer Margaret Regan,
Lakeland Customer
“The Vamoose Kitchen Cleaner is a fresh minty fragrance cleaner that cleans even the most stubborn stains. My stainless steel hob is sparkling and no streaks. The foam cleaner means it is easier to use, you just rinse off and buff with a dry cloth and the shine is great on not just stainless steel but also my worktops, tiles and glass splash back”
Can't live without Mirror Glaze

Can’t Live Without CAKE ANGELS

"Mirror, mirror, on the cake, who's made the most amazing bake?" That would be... you, using Cake Angels' Glossy Mirror Glaze to create a super-easy, super-glossy shine you can see your face in.

  • Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds
  • Pour over your cake
  • Wait for the oohs and aahs
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Can’t Live Without LAKELAND

Thanks to our Fat Trappers – ultra-absorbent pads which soak up excess fat and oil during cooking – keeping your grill pan clean has never been easier.

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Can't live without Fat trappers
A review about the Fat Trappers from Pauline Walsh a Lakeland customer Pauline Walsh,
Lakeland Customer
“I love Fat Trappers – couldn’t live without them... I cook mushrooms, sausages and rashers under the grill, and the Fat Trappers just pick up all the fat...”
Can't live without Bona floor care system

Can’t Live Without BONA

Bona's all-in-one floorcare system offers the ultimate care and protection, with no mixing of solutions or bothering with buckets – just hard floors looking their very, very best.

  • Floor cleaned
  • Floor nourished
  • Floor shined
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