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Preserving jars: bottling up the best

There's a growing band of people who've discovered how easy it is to make their own jam. All you need is some lovely ripe fruit and the kit to store your efforts! Those who love to preserve and pickle will find Lakeland's packs of jam jars, Kilner jars and preserving jars great value. Our jam jars, Kilner jars and La Parfait preserving jars look the part and seal in freshness too. For crystal clear jellies, strain blackberries through muslin for that extra special home-made treat. And use all those surplus tomatoes and apples for mouth-watering chutneys. As for lemon curd, it's truly delicious smothered over hot buttered toast. There's nothing quite like those mellow late summer and autumn days when fruit and vegetables are ripe for the picking and you are keen to crack on preserving them. How utterly satisfying to bottle fruit and vegetables, then gloat over the jewel coloured contents for months, possibly years, to come. Luscious strawberries, sweet little raspberries, plums, blueberries, rhubarb and gooseberries make wonderful jam and once firmly encased in preserving jars will last the winter - and beyond. And for those with a surplus of sloes, our bottles provide vessels for the gin! Lovely preserving jars - harking back granny's pantry - will make your efforts look like show winners and taste just as good as they did on bottling day.

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