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Lakeland's kitchen knives: a cut above the rest

Just where do you start to choose the kitchen knives that are going to be best for you? They all seem strong, sharp and up to the job, but which ones are a cut above the rest? At Lakeland, you can cherry-pick knives to fill the gaps in your collection or plump for a whole knife set. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that if you buy your kitchen knives from Lakeland, they'll always perform beautifully. Top quality steel and 'cutting-edge' designs bring you some of the finest kitchen knives on the market. From safe, stylish budget options to top of the range precision blades - bringing perfection to chopping, slicing, cleaving or paring. We have a knife to suit every purse. Already a firm favourite with celebrity chefs around the world, the Santoku phenomenon is sweeping through domestic kitchens. Renowned for their sharp edges and unusual curvy design, food seems to dance off the blade. These beautifully balanced and nimble kitchen knives really have to be tried to be appreciated. Let's face it, good kitchen knives are worth their weight in gold. It's a pleasure effortlessly carving the Sunday joint, slicing freshly baked bread and making short work of filleting poultry or fish. Just keep them sharpened and you'll always have the edge!

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