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Buying a set of knives is a real investment, so to help you find the right ones for you our comprehensive guide explains what's what.

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Knife Blocks

Our kitchen knives are in daily use, paring, peeling, chopping and dicing, and what would we do without a serrated bread knife to cut a slice from a fresh, crusty loaf?

Because we use them so often, it makes sense to keep them to hand, so a smart knife block on the worktop is the obvious option � it�s also safer than rummaging in a drawer where exposed blades can pose a threat to fingers. Even more convenient is a magnetic or wall-mounted knife rack, just like those seen in professional catering kitchens!

As well as for safety, knife blocks will help keep blades in tip-top condition. Some knife blocks even have a built- in sharpener � buying a set of knives is a real investment, so and you may find that a knife block with an integral sharpener is the easiest way to ensure sharpness.

We choose knife blocks for different reasons. Some knife sets are supplied in a block, but if you already own a mismatched collection of knives, perhaps an empty, universal block that takes any size would be better. Looks count too, and knife blocks are available in many styles from wooden and stainless steel to a stylish black finish.