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Kitchen scales: weighing up the mix

Kitchen scales, simple or high-tech, are no luxury item because great cooking and cake-making is a fine art, needing precision and accuracy. Without getting the basics right, the end result might suffer and you know how we all want to be top-notch! No self-respecting kitchen, or cook, should be without them. For that perfect dish, don't just grab a handful of ingredients and hope for the best, take just a few minutes to weigh them out. It's time well spent. Apparently, the first weighing scales were made of two wooden containers connected with an iron rod. Today, our kitchen scales are slender, sleek and stylish, neat to store and easy to clean. We've come a long way since those ancient wooden containers and if you haven't heard of Aquaweigh and Aquatronic, read on. These kitchen scales weigh both dry and liquid ingredients in the same bowl. How smart is that! Using up-to-the-minute expertise - and easy to read LCD (liquid crystal displays) - weights and measures are shown in both metric and imperial, so you can't go far wrong. Good kitchen scales are indispensable if great food is on your menu!