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Spilling the beans on coffee machines

Just looking at our coffee makers and espresso machines almost brings the taste and smell of richly-roasted beans right into the heart of your home. Going out with friends and family to favourite coffee shops no longer needs to be one of life's little treats - you can do it all day, and every day, with our easy-to-use coffee machines. We're all fussy about our perfect cup of coffee; some of you will prefer the dark, strong impact of espresso, while others the frothy texture of cappuccinos and lattes, whatever your taste our coffee makers and espresso machines are designed to create the perfect crema topped coffee - and some will even grind the beans for you! And the really good thing is that no matter how little space you have in your kitchen, there will be a coffee machine which suits you. The smallest sits on a hob and even the biggest - which goes from bean to cup at the press of a button - doesn't need a lot of room. Sit back, pick up the mug you love best, and check out the choices. Let us know if we can help you fill it!

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