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A Moroccan tagine for a taste of the exotic

Find yourself transported to the souks and bazaars of Morocco with their exotic spices and heavenly aromas when you recreate those far-flung flavours in our range of tagines. Named for the dish and the pot it is cooked in, the tagine is a centuries-old method of cooking meat, fish and vegetables. North African inspired one-pot cuisine is easy in these beautiful stoneware cooking pots. Conjure up the Kasbah as they help you produce succulent, tender food full of flavour. The cone-shaped lid of the tagine ensures that steam rises and cools before recondensing into the food below for mouth-wateringly delicious results. Long, slow cooking allows all the flavours and spices to develop and fills your kitchen with delicious aromas. All our tagines can be used on the hob with a heat diffuser and in your oven and are a great way to venture into Moroccan cooking. They are not just for North African cuisine though, they can be used for humble casseroles and stews too, and because they look so good, these Moroccan-inspired pots can be taken straight to the table for serving.