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Full steam ahead with a pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is a one-pot cooking phenomenon. It cooks all your ingredients at the same time - and seals in the goodness for an extra nutritional boost. This has to be one of the most economic cooking methods. A pressure cooker is quick, efficient, and up to 60 per cent faster than a pan on the hob. It locks in steam so food keeps more of its flavour and vitamins, giving you and the family succulent, tasty and very healthy meals in no time. With a pressure cooker meat goes from tough to tender in a fraction of the time it takes to cook beef, lamb, pork and chicken conventionally. Not just for meat, pressure cookers are great for desserts - especially steamed caramel custards and Christmas puddings. Curries and casseroles are easy, and so are rice and pasta. Bean soup is a winter's day delicacy and the choice for pulses endless, perfect for vegetarians. Their design has come a long way. Gone are the fiddly weights and rattling lids of old, replaced instead with easy to use, safely vented twist to lock lids. So when the family are hungry, don't put yourself under pressure... put the food under pressure and create meals in minutes.