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20 Stayfresh Longer Bags
20 Stayfresh Longer Bags
4.0 stars out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

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Stay Fresh Bagsby Pauline Brake

5 stars out of 5

20 Stayfresh Longer Bags

I have been using these bags for a very long time. I bought a vacuum sealing machine and it doesn't keep fruit n veg as fresh as the stay fresh bags. Strawberries keep as fresh as the day they were bought for 2 weeks & longer. They are unique & magical.

Published 23 02 2013

do you belive in magic - then these bags are for youby Dr West

1 stars out of 5

20 Stayfresh Longer Bags

The bags are just expensive plastic, best way to keep most veggies fresh is In a dark, dry, cool place and most certainly not in a tied plastic bag. Apples keep for two weeks or more like this, carrots too. Put them in the plastic bags and they will rot

Published 10 10 2012

A note from the team: We're sorry to hear the Stayfresh longer bags have not met your expectations. The bags are coated with a unique Japanese stone powder formula which slows down the natural ageing process and helps stop moisture and bacteria forming.We'll be in touch soon to help.

Stay fresh longer bags are amazing and save so much waste!by Fiona

5 stars out of 5

20 Stayfresh Longer Bags

I've been using these bags for years and am still amazed how well they work. Fantastic for bananas and all fruit and veg. They really do stay fresh much much longer!

Published 27 08 2012

great for cherriesby Linda Davis

5 stars out of 5

20 Stayfresh Longer Bags

We have used these bags for years, ever since forgetting some ripe cherries when we went on holiday for 2 weeks. They were in a small Stayfresgh bag in the fridge, and on our return they were fine and tasted delicious! We would not be without them, and our daughters now get their own for their families.

Published 05 04 2012

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