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The Ultimate Cling & Foil
The Ultimate Cling & Foil
3.6 stars out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

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No fuss easy to caroline

5 stars out of 5

The Ultimate Cling & Foil

Just buying both foil and cling in these packs for second time. Hope they are as good now. They still works as well as when I bought them which was a few years ago!!

Published 23 04 2012

ultimate cling film and foilby Sally

4 stars out of 5

The Ultimate Cling & Foil

I have used both the foil and cling film and in fact am on my second or third box and I am very pleased with the product finding it extremely good value for money (one roll on average, lasts about 6 months. On reading your reviews I was surprised to hear that people are having problems with this product, as I find the box to be very durable and actually would like it be be refillable to be more ecofriendly. I am always impressed both with the products I have ordered (over approx. 20 yrs) and also with the service both on the phone and in the stores.

Published 03 04 2012

ultimate lakeland foliby Mrs Frampton

4 stars out of 5

The Ultimate Cling & Foil

I have also had problems with the cutter on the box. One side of the cutter does not fit into the right place so I have to tear it instead of "cut" it. Hopefully my next box will work! The foli is brilliant.

Published 09 12 2011

Ultimate multi purpose clingfilm 300 metresby

3 stars out of 5

The Ultimate Cling & Foil

I am about half way through using this product and the lid has broke making it impossible to slice it quickly and safely by pressing down the concealed cutter blade as advertised. The quality of the film is super but the packaging is very weak. Very disappointing for a Lakeland product.

Published 20 10 2011

A note from the team: Thanks for taking the time to write your review. I'm sorry that you'd been let down by the packaging. I'll be in touch shortly.

Broken foil cutter boxby Jenny Letton

2 stars out of 5

The Ultimate Cling & Foil

Love the idea of the foil in its own cutter box (Ultimate). It's been great up to now but I've used barely half of it and the plastic hinged lid of the box has broken off. It now has to be kept together with a rubber band and is not nearly as useful. Lakeland: can you strengthen the cutting lid?

Published 23 05 2011

A note from the team: Thanks for your review. I'll be sure to pass your comments on about the lid and be in touch shortly.

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