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Traditional Airer
Traditional Airer
4.0 stars out of 5 based on 9 reviews.

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Couldn't live without itby Anne

5 stars out of 5

Traditional Airer

I grew up with a giant Victorian version of this, and couldn't wait to have one in my own home. Tumble driers shrink things! - they are wonderful for towels but expensive to run and no good for all sorts of clothing items. Draping on radiators looks dreadful, can rust the metal edges of radiators and often results in slightly smelly clothes. Airers fall over. But these are brilliant. They will hold a full wash (from a large drum washing machine) and if you spend a little extra time and hang your clothes neatly, will reduce ironing considerably. Fantastic for sheets and duvets - love it!

Published 28 08 2012

over pricedby tom

1 stars out of 5

Traditional Airer

I went to Lakeland so get an clothes airer for our farm house kitchen, thinking from Lakeland it would be good quality. The traditional clothes airer is poorly made, the worst i ve seen. It s very loose when the lats are in place, and it won t sit straight.

Published 18 06 2012

A note from the team: Thanks for taking the time to write your review. I'm sorry that you’d been disappointed with the airer, I'll be in touch shortly to put things right.

Traditional Airerby ELIZABETH

2 stars out of 5

Traditional Airer

I have wanted to buy one of these airers for some time now for convenience and money-saving and in these it has not been a disappointment. However, I feel that this product is sub-standard for Lakeland as usually their goods are of a higher quality. One of the wooden latts was bowed and splintered and if I had seen this in a shop I wouldn't have bought it. At £52 it is expensive for what it is!

Published 09 01 2012

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review. I'm sory for the disappointment with the airer. I'll be in touch shortly to help.

Such a Kerry Aileen

5 stars out of 5

Traditional Airer

...this product can't be delivered to Spain! I could do with a second one-the first one from Lakeland is hanging in the garage and being up high near the ceiling,everything dries really quickly!

Published 26 09 2011

Excellent!by catrin

5 stars out of 5

Traditional Airer

This is a fantastic product and dries a machine full of clothes over night.

Published 24 07 2009

"Beat the Credit Crunch!"by Mrs Judith Mackie

5 stars out of 5

Traditional Airer

I recently purchased a traditional airer, its just fantastic. I have used it every day, hardly use my tumble dryer now. My Granny had one of these, Just shows how our Grandparents had the right idea. Am saving a fortune on electricity, not to mention the environment!

Published 11 12 2008


5 stars out of 5

Traditional Airer

It is strong and does what it says on the label! I found it a bit short on space especially with larger items so now I just put all the shirts etc on hangers and hang them, leaving lots of space for sheets. I have saved a fortune on tumble drying. One hint though it is good to put knots on the rope to attatch to the hook especially when it is full as it can be a bit heavy when you are trying to wrap it around.

Published 22 11 2008

Traditional Airerby julie harper

5 stars out of 5

Traditional Airer

I already have one of these as a pan hanger for 9 years [and would not be without it!] with the use of some butchers hooks. I am so pleased to find one in lakelands catalogue. I have just found this in your range after sending a message asking for this to be included ! now that is service! I intend to order one to use for drying my laundry and to save on rising fuel bills and give my overworked tumble dryer a rest!

Published 27 10 2008

Nice ..butby Mrs Bell Proctor

3 stars out of 5

Traditional Airer

It looks good, is easy to put up and holds lots of laundry; particularly useful for larger items like sheets and duvet covers. But.... the rope is now fraying quite badly. I've had to take it down until I can come up with an alternative cord.

Published 20 04 2008

A note from the team: We're sorry to hear the rope on the airer has started to fray. We'll be in touch shortly.

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