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18cm Cake Tin Liners
18cm Cake Tin Liners
5.0 stars out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

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No more scissors!by Fiona

5 stars out of 5

18cm Cake Tin Liners

I used to hate having to cut out shapes in greaseproof paper to line my cake tins, so once I started using these I haven't looked back. As another reviewer says the one disadvantage is the ridge shapes left on sponges, but I agree this outweighed by the convenience.

Published 18 06 2012

loaf tin linersby Barbara

5 stars out of 5

18cm Cake Tin Liners

I have use these when making smaller cakes and can thoroughly recommend their quality. Is there any chance of supplying square cake tin liners like the round ones you make as at the moment I am making my own and the corners are fiddly especially when using burret papers.

Published 19 03 2012

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advantages and disadvantagesby Kathleen

5 stars out of 5

18cm Cake Tin Liners

The great advantage of these liners is that there is no greasing or paper-cutting. The disadvantage is that cakes come out with ridged sides - which you barely notice on fruit cakes but are quite noticeable on sponges. For me, convenience wins out every time!

Published 05 01 2012

Great item - here's a suggestion!by Christina

5 stars out of 5

18cm Cake Tin Liners

This item is great, as is all of your other cake liners and cake decorating items. However, I use these liners to line my giant cupcake tin, but they are just the slightest too big. Has anyone suggested making a cake liner for a giant cupcake tin? There is definitely nothing on the market at the moment that caters for this growing trend and hope you will consider making one in the future!

Published 30 12 2011

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