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Greaseproof Paper Roll
Greaseproof Paper Roll
2.7 stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

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Well used productby Christine

5 stars out of 5

Greaseproof Paper Roll

I have purchased this greaseproof paper for many years and have no problem with it. I disagree with other reviewers as I don't find it sticks or breaks up.

Published 02 12 2014

Greaseproof rollby Margaret

2 stars out of 5

Greaseproof Paper Roll

I always buy the silicone baking parchment, its faultless, but during a recent visit to the Windermere store I picked up the greaseproof roll by mistake - big mistake, why don't the boxes come in totally different colours not just a different picture. Made shortbread biscuits for a fundraiser (so made a lot) and unless you moved every biscuit within 4 minutes of it cooling on the tray then every one of them stuck and had to be scraped off with a palette knife. Poor quality for a Lakeland product, I was quite surprised. I will never buy this again, even in error.

Published 07 04 2014

A note from the team: Thanks for the review and I'm sorry that the greaseproof hadn't been suitable for your needs. I'll be in touch shortly to help.

terrible packagingby Ms BInes

1 stars out of 5

Greaseproof Paper Roll

I bought a box of greaseproof paper but when I came to open it I was bemused. It seems the only way to get into it is to open one end. If you then try to remove the roll the paper simply starts to unwind whilst the centre tube remains steadfastly inside the box. It is therefore effectively of no use as it is not possible to get it out of the box as a complete roll. It is a shame as Lakeland is one of the few places where it is poss to buy greaseproof rather than non-stick baking paper.

Published 21 11 2013

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review. We're sorry the smaller size rolls of greaseproof paper aren't in a cutter box. The larger rolls all come in a cutter dispenser box. We'll be in touch shortly to help.

Better boxes, pleaseby Jill

3 stars out of 5

Greaseproof Paper Roll

I have said this before (some years ago), so I am disapointed to repeat the same point as there seems to have been no improvement. I like the greaseproof paper roll, which I tend to use for wrapping rather than baking. Please can we have it in a box that doesn't disintegrate? I bought the most recent roll from a Lakeland shop and every box on the shelf was already broken. We don't all have the space for bulky dispensers and I like to use the box to control the paper and keep the dust out, even if scissors are needed for cutting the paper.

Published 04 03 2013

A note from the team: Thank you for placing your review. We're sorry to hear you've experienced this problem and have passed your comments to our buying team - we will be in touch soon to help.

Paper problemby Mrs drayton

1 stars out of 5

Greaseproof Paper Roll

The paper is very light and tears easily even before cooking a cake. Then it disintegrates after baking, Infuriating. I went to a Lakeland shop yesterday and purchased baking parchment hoping it is better.

Published 11 11 2010

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review. Sorry for the disappointment. I'll be in touch shortly to help.

greaseproof paperby Geraldine

4 stars out of 5

Greaseproof Paper Roll

I have previously reviewed this product and agreed with all those saying that was useless for lining cake tins and stuck to the cakes, flaked into small pieces and any above the cake burnt. However, I have now been using a new roll which is in exactly the same packaging and it is now back to normal. I have used it to protect the tops of numerous Christmas cakes and lined tins. So long as the paper is greased it comes off in one piece and no longer burns or flakes. I believe the roll I had before must have been a bad batch or maybe the suppliers have provided a better quality product at the same price. I will now continue to buy this paper to line cake tins with.

Published 04 12 2009

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