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Cedars Gold 15 Bottle Box Merlot
Cedars Gold 15 Bottle Box Merlot
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if you enjoy wine you MUST try this!by Karen Hillman

5 stars out of 5

Cedars Gold 15 Bottle Box Merlot

Please see my other review on the Pinot in addition to this review. The Merlot is excellent as is the Pinot and at £2 per bottle it's amazing. All I would say about the merlot is that in the first 48hours it goes mad! I now sit my fermenter in a roasting tin on the kitchen side and, using the blue fermenter, only fill it to a good two inches from the top. But still watch it, if you find it's almost reached the top, unscrew the lid and let it do it's stuff. You may get some overflow but with a tin underneath it doesn't matter. Within 48 it's settled down and you can screw the top back on.

Published 23 06 2014

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