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4.9 stars out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

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Brilliant!by Geoffrey Brock

5 stars out of 5


I returned from holiday to discover a fuse had blown and the food rotting in my freezer. Despite cleaning thoroughly several times, the appalling smell would not go away. I popped a couple of Fridge-its in, and left them for 48 hours. It worked and saved me the cost of a new freezer.

Published 23 10 2014

Good for 5 monthsby Amanda

4 stars out of 5


This really helped stop the smell from all the fresh fruit and veg in my fridge. It lasted nearly 5 months before things started to get malodorous again, so I'm buying another. Worth it, I think.

Published 05 11 2013

no unpleasant turkey smell!by Mrs LANDER

5 stars out of 5


While I like my Christmas lunch turkey, I dislike the smell of the leftovers in the fridge. No unpleasant turkey smell this year thanks to Fridge-It. Am well impressed with this ultimate test of its effectiveness

Published 27 12 2011

Great itemby Gladys

5 stars out of 5


I was dubious about this but having read the reviews I bought it and am not disappointed. No more smells when I open the fridge door.

Published 05 12 2010

No Smellby JO KUAH

5 stars out of 5


This REALLY WORKS!! Before hanging the charcoal, our fridge had a tendency to stink of every meat stored inside. Doesn't help that my boyfriend has the most sensitive nose around. This charcoal has saved his nose. Thank you.

Published 13 07 2010

Always Worksby Miss Louise Corry

5 stars out of 5


Fantastic. I use one every year (not six-monthly as recommended) and as a result I have never had a smelly fridge. I keep lots of food in my fridge - left overs, lots of onions and garlic and fruit and vegetables which occasionally rot in the drawers! And you would never know. Although I cover food and any left over parts of chopped vegetables with cling film, if I put an uncovered glass of juice in the fridge overnight to finish the following day, it tastes just the same 12 or 24 hours later.

Published 12 11 2009

A Hard Worker!by C

5 stars out of 5


I cannot praise or recommend this product highly enough. It really does the job of not just keeping your fridge smelling fresh, but of REMOVING odours. I bought a secondhand fridge a couple of years ago and it smelled strongly of onions. I left tubs of bicarb of soda in it but after several weeks, the smell still lingered as strongly as ever. Within a few days of placing the Fridge-It inside, the smell completely vanished. My fridge is tiny, but this takes up such little room that you hardly know it's there. It would environmentally friendlier if you could buy replacement carbon linings, as the outer casing is made in 2 halves you could save on plastic wastage by refillling it. That aside, the product still deserves its 5 stars.

Published 17 04 2008

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