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1 Pint (600ml) Lidded Pudding Basins
1 Pint (600ml) Lidded Pudding Basins
3.5 stars out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

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They're okayby Emma Woods

2 stars out of 5

1 Pint (600ml) Lidded Pudding Basins

It might just me be, and perhaps I should have realised from the price for 4 basins, but they look like glass (or at least clear plastic) in the picture. The bowls are in fact fairly cheap looking opaque plastic, and the lids don't stay on. I had no choice but to use them as my pudding mixture was ready but I am disappointed in the quality.

Published 22 11 2012

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review. We're sorry the basins weren't as expected.We'll be in touch shortly to help.

Great for my Christmas Puddingsby Graham

5 stars out of 5

1 Pint (600ml) Lidded Pudding Basins

I bought these bowls on the recommendation of Lakeland staff who I've found always only to pleased to help. In steaming 3 puds, the lid was pushed off 1 bowl by the ingredients. That was my fault though for overfilling. The lids aren't airtight which is fine for steaming, but does mean using a piece of clingfilm for storing the cooked puds. I steamed Christmas puddings for 5 hours. There was no difference in the puds cooked on an upturned saucer to those stood direct on the bottom of the pan. Cheap enough to give away, easy to use. Great

Published 19 11 2012

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