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Joseph Joseph® Wash & Drain Grey
Joseph Joseph® Wash & Drain Grey
5.0 stars out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

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wash and drainby Anne

5 stars out of 5

Joseph Joseph® Wash & Drain Grey

I bought this for use in my mobile home as emptying out a basin of water was difficult and could cause spillage of water. It is a super basin. It empties so easily and strains any debris. It looks good and is easily cleaned. I wish you made a circular one for my home sink.

Published 09 05 2014

Very Goodby Anne Marie

5 stars out of 5

Joseph Joseph® Wash & Drain Grey

I agree with all previous reviewers. I did not want to pay so much for a washing up bowl but it is worth every penny. A wider choice of colour would be good. I opted for a white bowl; I have a cream kitchen and would have chosen cream or brown if it was available. However, I'm very pleased with it.

Published 24 01 2014

A note from the team: Thanks for taking the time to write your review. I'll be happy to pass on your suggestion of different colours.

Great ideaby Wynne

5 stars out of 5

Joseph Joseph® Wash & Drain Grey

Until I went to Lakeside website I had never seen a washing up bowl with a plug. Although it is expensive for what is essentially a plastic box with a plug, it is well worth the money to save the hassle of lifting a bowl full of water whilst hoping not to spill it everywhere. A brilliant idea that I never knew I needed but now wouldn't want to be without.

Published 21 11 2013

Excellentby Eveline Mullen

5 stars out of 5

Joseph Joseph® Wash & Drain Grey

This is both a stylish and functional addition to my kitchen. I particularly like its lightness, the handles for easy carrying and the plug which prevents sink blockages. This is a gem and well worth the price.

Published 18 07 2013

Brilliant bowlby Mrs Yvonne Rose

5 stars out of 5

Joseph Joseph® Wash & Drain Grey

This bowl is a very good design and has solved a number of problems I have had with traditional washing up bowls. I have oesteoarthritis in both wrists and tipping out a full bowl of water is painfull and often results in water over my wooden worktop and a clogged up plug to clean out. The drain on this bowl is easy to turn, even with the washing up brushhandle (also purchased from Lakeland). No more heavy bowls to lift. Its is very easy to lift the drain out of the bowl once empty to clear any debris. I winced at the price of these bowls, but am pleased to say they are well worth the cost.

Published 21 06 2013

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