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Washing Machine Descalers
Washing Machine Descalers
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Washing machine descalerby Jane Reeves

5 stars out of 5

Washing Machine Descalers

Living in an area with very hard water I try to keep the washing machine scale free. However it does build up and I bought this product with somewhat sceptical feelings. However, having used it, all the built-up deposits on the inside of the machine have gone and I am very pleased indeed.

Published 22 08 2011

works wondersby Mrs Long

5 stars out of 5

Washing Machine Descalers

Effortless descaling, no smelly chemicals and no need to run expensive hot washes. This product does just what it promises, a blessing in our hardwater area. If I could make one change though, I'd differentiate the packaging from its sister product the Quickshine appliance descaler, their boxes look the same at a glance which means I've put the wrong sachet in my kettle more than once.

Published 13 04 2011

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very happyby laura

5 stars out of 5

Washing Machine Descalers

I have always used Quickshine descaler for my kettle and now I have discovered it for my washing machine. A great product to extend the life of my machine - will definately be using it every month. Well done Quickshine!!

Published 21 02 2011

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