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Green E-cloth® Tea Towel
Green E-cloth® Tea Towel
3.6 stars out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

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Perfect for most itemsby Celia Coyle

5 stars out of 5

Green E-cloth® Tea Towel

Bought these when they were 3 for 2 and find them very effective. Yes, they can snag so I don't use a towelling-type cloth when dealing with rough surfaces which isn't very often.

Published 11 09 2013

Love it! Love it!by Marjorie

5 stars out of 5

Green E-cloth® Tea Towel

Bought 3 of these, and they are amazing! A bit weird to touch as they slightly grip the skin, but what a brilliant result! Best of all, I use them after cleaning glossy surface for a smear free result. My glasses and windows are wonderfully clean. Can't rave about it enough!

Published 22 01 2013

This review is for an older version of this product

They dry ok but they do not look cleanby MARIA

2 stars out of 5

Green E-cloth® Tea Towel

The towels are efficient at drying but I cannot get mine to look sparkling clean. I use top quality wash powder and a top quality machine but am always disappointed at the result with these towels. I look at my larger, waffle cotton tea towels that are always spotless in spite of being 15 years old. I regret buying these smaller micro fibre towels

Published 18 10 2012

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review. We're sorry the tea towels haven't been as expected. We'll be in touch shortly to help.

Wonderful tea towels!by Lynn

5 stars out of 5

Green E-cloth® Tea Towel

Wash and rinse these tea towels before using them - then they'll perform wonders! They look good and feel good; they're super absorbent and lint free; they dry and polish cutlery, crockery and glass beautifully; they wear and launder well. Love 'em! (Note to Lakeland: I use two colours in my kitchen - one colour for tea towels and another for hand towels. You see, these towels are great for drying hands too, but (even though I change them daily) they do show the dirt as they're mostly white. How about supplying e-cloth HAND TOWELS in SOLID red, blue and green to match the tea towels?)

Published 05 10 2012

Very disappointingby

1 stars out of 5

Green E-cloth® Tea Towel

I am really disappointed in these. I usually find microfibre products really helpful, but these don't dry things -- they just smear the moisture around. They are much less efficient at drying than normal cotton tea towels and they also snag very very easily. I wish I hadn't bought them.

Published 10 09 2012

A note from the team: Thanks for taking the time to write your review. I'm sorry that the tea towels had been as expected. I'll be in touch shortly.

I love theseby Mrs Kathryn Walker

4 stars out of 5

Green E-cloth® Tea Towel

These cloths aren't particularly large and it would be better if they were somewhat bigger. Strangely tho' they still dry things even when they are quite damp and I have found they do dry out quicker than 'normal' tea towels. Just about to order more for my next camping trip. Love ' Em. (Four stars because of size)

Published 18 06 2012

A note from the team: Thanks for taking the time to write your review. I'll be happy to pass on your suggestion about a larger version.

Wish I hadn't bought theseby Margaret

2 stars out of 5

Green E-cloth® Tea Towel

I bought 3 of these and a Poli-dri tea towel and I wish I had just bought Poli-dri tea towels instead.Contrary to what the description says I do not find they dry more quickly and I think they are too small. I have washed them several times and they have improved a bit but I would not buy them again.

Published 12 06 2012

A note from the team: Thank you for placing your review. We're sorry that you've been disappointed with the Ecloth tea towel and will be in touch soon to help.

glad i bought theseby Valerie

5 stars out of 5

Green E-cloth® Tea Towel

i nearly didnt buy these because the design looks like the old glass cloths i used to buy which i found useless. these on the other hand are truly excellent - far more absorbent than they look. Smaller than i expected which i like because they sit neatly in my push in towel holder and i don't get surplus cloth flopping around when drying up.

Published 01 06 2011

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