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Medium Anti Bac Gloves (Size 8)
Medium Anti Bac Gloves (Size 8)
2.6 stars out of 5 based on 8 reviews.

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Surprisedby Anne Coote

5 stars out of 5

Medium Anti Bac Gloves (Size 8)

I have just logged on to order some more Antibacterial gloves and thought I would have a look at the reviews. I am very surprised by the negativity of other reviewers. I personally have been using these gloves, one pair for the bathroom and one pair for washing up. Perhaps I have just been lucky as I have been using mine for more than a year and have just sprung a leak in one glove. For me the Lakeland quality is as good as ever.

Published 20 01 2014

Split after one weekby Rosemary

1 stars out of 5

Medium Anti Bac Gloves (Size 8)

Like other reviewers, mine also split for no apparent reason after a few uses. Liked using them but they would have to be better quality for me to purchase again. Not that cheap either.

Published 26 06 2013

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review/. We're sorry for the gloves splitting and will be in touch shortly.

Better than regular runner Sandra

4 stars out of 5

Medium Anti Bac Gloves (Size 8)

I have very sensitive skin and also have some motor control problems due to my fibromyalgia. These are my favourite washing up gloves. I can feel the things I'm washing but still have the water really hot and I haven't has any allergic reactions to them. Yes they don't last as long as heavy duty gloves - but heavy duty gloves lack dexterity.

Published 16 07 2012

Good glovesby Tine

4 stars out of 5

Medium Anti Bac Gloves (Size 8)

I find these gloves are very good. They are very soft, so you can work very well with them, and unlike the other reviewers I haven't had problems with them splitting. We run a B&B and I use them for everything. After about 4 weeks heavy use in the kitchen they start to get stiff, I think because of the very hot water and grease, by which time I think they have done their duty and I just get a new pair. The pairs I use in the bathrooms lasts much longer.

Published 05 07 2012

Jean Mby Jean

4 stars out of 5

Medium Anti Bac Gloves (Size 8)

I find these antibactierial gloves very comfortable and have had no more problems with their durability than with any other gloves I've used. It is wonderful to find a washing-up glove that does not irritate my hands!

Published 23 04 2012

not very goodby Theresa

1 stars out of 5

Medium Anti Bac Gloves (Size 8)

recently purchased these gloves and like the previous person I also found them dissapointing they split very easy after a very short time

Published 22 03 2012

This review is for an older version of this product

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review. I'll be in touch shortly to help.

Really disappointedby Frances Lee

1 stars out of 5

Medium Anti Bac Gloves (Size 8)

I bought these without having checked the reviews. I regret that now, as although these gloves are very comfortable and soft they are really not durable. I bought three pairs in the special offer - the first pair lasted three days and then developed a split in the rubber on the thumb. The second pair split the first time I used them (and I was not being vicious either time, just using them while doing light kitchen cleaning as the multisurface cleaner irritates my skin). I took them back and the lady was very helpful - so good lakeland service, but bad call on this product.

Published 27 01 2012

A note from the team: Thanks for taking the time to write your review, I'm sorry that you'd been disappointed with the gloves. I'm glad the staff at the store we're able to put things right for you.

Disappointing qualityby Miss Appleyard

1 stars out of 5

Medium Anti Bac Gloves (Size 8)

I had been very pleased with the Dermaluxe gloves so thought I would also try these as the coloured tips looked appealing! I bought three pairs of both these and the Dermaluxe range, as I suffer from eczema. Unfortunately the antibacterial gloves are much thinner, so when you use them you cannot have the water temperature as hot as I normally would. However, they are not slippery and comfortable to wear but the first pair only lasted three uses and started to leak! I will continue to use the demaluxe ones as much better quailty and long lasting. Unlike Lakeland's usual high quality products.

Published 31 05 2011

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review. The pair may have been faulty. I'll be in touch shortly to help.

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