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4 Crumpet Rings
4 Crumpet Rings
4.5 stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

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So easyby Caroline

5 stars out of 5

4 Crumpet Rings

These are brilliant are complety non stick. I followed the recipe on the package makes 12 crumpets. I like the taste so used butter to grease the rings I do not need to wash them just rebutter between batches, carefully because they will still be hot.excellent.

Published 30 03 2015

If size mattersby David

3 stars out of 5

4 Crumpet Rings

If you are particular about the size of your crumpets these rings will make a crumpet 7.8 cm in dia. The ring measures 8.5 cm outside diameter over the rolled edge and 7.8 cm inside diameter. The traditional size for a crumpet is 3-1/2 inches diameter. (8.9 cm) They are a very well made, high quality product, but a little under size in my opinion.

Published 05 08 2014

Perfect!by Sue

5 stars out of 5

4 Crumpet Rings

The crumpet recipes I've read online all suggest that crumpet rings need washing and greasing between batches. I greased my new Lakeland rings with ordinary baking margarine before first using, but they came away so cleanly that I decided to skip washing them before the second batch, and realised after that, that they didn't even need regreasing, so I just carried on using them. They worked perfectly and no dough became stuck at any time. The crumpets were totally moreish. The only drawback to this product is that you end up eating a lot more crumpets than you would if you'd bought them!

Published 22 07 2014

So far so good!by Mandi

5 stars out of 5

4 Crumpet Rings

Brilliant invention, no problems with dough sticking to sides just used olive spread to prevent this. However I need to tweak my cooking of the included recipe - practice will make perfect, off to a good start though, thanks!

Published 09 06 2014

Delicious and easy to makeby Mrs John

4 stars out of 5

4 Crumpet Rings

Definitely nicer than shop-bought and very easy to make. The crumpets do tend to stick to the rings with normal oil but with Cake Release they come out easily and looking perfect every time. Thanks for the Cake Release tip Lakeland!

Published 10 03 2014

Brilliant!!!!!by S

5 stars out of 5

4 Crumpet Rings

These are so good! Great quality and such fun to use on a leisurely morning. (It's not a quick process so not exactly something you would be using before you dash out the door in the morning for work!) But, when you do have time to spend in the kitchen, it's great. They taste so much better than shop bought ones and now, when I do have time, I make a big batch and pop them into the freezer when cool. Good sturdy product and very happy that we bought them. Have not bought shop crumpets since. :)

Published 22 02 2014

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