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Cuisipro® Yoghurt Cheese Maker
Cuisipro® Yoghurt Cheese Maker
4.0 stars out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

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Volume is disappointingby J

2 stars out of 5

Cuisipro® Yoghurt Cheese Maker

My toddlers eat vast quantities of Greek yoghurt each evening; I already have a different brand of yoghurt strainer. I bought two of these strainers from the Cheltenham store, along with some extra bowls for my maker so that I could keep up with demand. I had assumed/hoped that one litre of yoghurt produced in the Lakeland yoghurt maker would fit into one of these strainers. Sadly that is not the case, and I need to use both of the strainers that I bought to accommodate one batch of yoghurt ...They do the job well otherwise.

Published 28 01 2015

Brilliant jennie

5 stars out of 5

Cuisipro® Yoghurt Cheese Maker

I use this to make a soft cheese from the yogurt that I make in my easiyo. Just put it into the container, leave it overnight, add whatever flavourings you like in the morning, chives, chilli flakes, black pepper etc, and away you go.

Published 22 08 2014

A convert to soft cheese!by patricia

5 stars out of 5

Cuisipro® Yoghurt Cheese Maker

I have had my yoghurt cheese maker for about 3 weeks now and make a fresh batch twice a week. Easy to use; I leave the yogurt (fat free for me) in the box for around 24 hours, tipping of most of the whey after 2-3 hours. This gives quite a firm cheese. Can be used savoury or sweet. One of my favourite concoctions so far is to mix a couple of tablespoons of yoghurt cheese with a teaspoon of sweetener, a sprinkle each of nutmeg and cinnamon, and stir well. Dolloped alongside sugar free jelly, loads of fresh fruit and a small meringue it made a fantastic dieter's pud. Highly recommended.

Published 18 07 2014

Bought as my dieting treatby Mrs Spencer

1 stars out of 5

Cuisipro® Yoghurt Cheese Maker

I bought this to help my diet along.I have been making Easi-Yo for several years and thought this would be the ideal companion to the Skimmers yogurt. I am disappointed as the soft cheese appears to need quite a lot of flavouring to give it any taste. To me it tastes like yogurt, not cheese at all. It has worked well as a substitute for egg mayonnaise but I wouldn't have purchased it just for that. Also the product states it can be washed in the dishwasher but after doing this once the lid has buckled slightly and is now difficult to place on the box correctly. Not recommended.

Published 17 02 2014

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Superb for Soya or Dairy Yoghurt Mark Ross

5 stars out of 5

Cuisipro® Yoghurt Cheese Maker

If you have a Lakeland Yoghurt Maker you must have one of these. It is infinitely better than using cheesecloth or coffee filters. Just pour soya or dairy yoghurt into the unit, refrigerate for 24 hours and you have the creamiest, pure YoChee. Don't throw away the whey - it's full of goodness. Keep it in a container in the 'fridge and use it in soups, stocks, gravy, smoothies etc. A recipe book to go with the unit is available to buy as an e-reader download from Amazon for just over £6.00 and has 275 very easy and tasty recipes. Both Yoghurt Cheese maker and recipe book are highly recommended.

Published 23 01 2014

Very Impressed!by David Hudson

5 stars out of 5

Cuisipro® Yoghurt Cheese Maker

I bought my Cuisipro Yogurt Cheese Maker from the Solihull store on Monday 6th January. By Wed 8th I've already made plain soft cheese using a shop bought Low Fat Plain Yogurt and I've also made a batch of soft cheese & chives using a Easiyo Bio-Skimmers yogurt I'd made. The results are just as good as a popular named brand if not better as you know what you're putting in it. The possibilities are endless, I'm going to make a sweet red chilli soft cheese next! Very, very impressed! Treat yourself and buy one!

Published 08 01 2014

Yogurt Cheese Makerby Helen

5 stars out of 5

Cuisipro® Yoghurt Cheese Maker

I bought a similar product from you years ago (yogurt strainer) and have been using it ever since! It's fab! I always strain my low fat, organic yogurt and use it to top my fruit dessert, sprinkled with ground cinnamon - yummy! I definitely recommend this type of product!

Published 06 01 2014

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