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Klip It Rice Steamer
Klip It Rice Steamer
4.2 stars out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

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Good productby Miss Powers

3 stars out of 5

Klip It Rice Steamer

This product is good, but be aware the height of the product - you may have difficulty getting it out of your microwave like I have. It only just fits in my microwave, but after cooking for a while it swells with the heat and I can't get it out again. Unfortunately they don't make a smaller size!

Published 29 10 2014

Worth every penny - am Therese M

5 stars out of 5

Klip It Rice Steamer

Always been dubious about cooking rice but followed the instructions. Mine is a 900w microwave and 250g rice + 600ml water + 12 mins - perfect 4 portions. Haven't tried brown rice yet but have noted the point to allow 23 mins.

Published 05 09 2014

The best gadget I've ever boughtby Mr Kidd

5 stars out of 5

Klip It Rice Steamer

As the title says this is the best gadget I have ever bought! As the previous poster states the instructions are not the best but the details they gave for cooking brown rice were perfect. I use a cup of rice to two cups of water and I get perfect rice every time. If you have problems cooking rice in a pan like I have then give this a try you will not regret it. Now using it to cook all my rice rather than buying expensive pre-cooked microwave rice sachets. Thank you Lakeland.

Published 10 04 2014


4 stars out of 5

Klip It Rice Steamer

Perfect rice! But I'd have appreciated a better instruction leaflet with regard to different types of rice. This is why I've deducted a star. The instructions give the time for White Rice, but not for Brown Rice. I found that whatever rice I cooked, I used the same amount of rice and water (250g Rice and 600ml Water) - the only variation was in the cooking time. White Rice takes 10-12 Minutes, as stated on the instructions, BUT.....Brown Basmati Rice takes 23 Minutes. My Microwave is 1000 Watts - if your Microwave is a lower Wattage, you'll need to allow more cooking time.

Published 10 10 2013

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