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Doctor Who Dusting Set
Doctor Who Dusting Set
4.0 stars out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

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5 stars out of 5

Doctor Who Dusting Set

My dusting set arrived today and my son wanted to try them out right away. They were easy to use and the characters dusted very well onto the cupcakes which we made. As they are a sale item, they are a real bargain.

Published 12 01 2015

another great doctor who product!!by Mrs Strick

5 stars out of 5

Doctor Who Dusting Set

with a keen doctor who fan in the house i run out of ideas and time to make intricate works of culinary doctor who art, what easier than to knock up a load of cupcakes with icing and dust?? happy son, happy mum with more time to do the washing up!!

Published 10 10 2013

Fantasticby Joanne Troop

5 stars out of 5

Doctor Who Dusting Set

Having read critical reviews, I decided to try these out for myself. I was very impressed. They work brilliantly for me, and the designs look great dusted on both cakes and, using cocoa, on hot drinks. So long as the product is used the correct way up (The shield is focused to be used only one way up to improve detail) and the dusting is sieved onto the shield rather than sprinkled then it should work well. If using to top hot drinks, I do find that a thick foam is needed. I can only describe the results I got with the one word used most fondly by the Ninth Doctor. Fantastic!

Published 15 08 2013

In reply to Debbie's review aboveby Mrs Lindberg

4 stars out of 5

Doctor Who Dusting Set

Just a thought - have you tried turning them over and trying to dust that way? That will give you a flat surface and not the curved, cup-like side that you can't put over the cupcake. Just a thought, hope that will help you!

Published 01 08 2013

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review and providing a handy tip for others. For best results: hold the indented lip with your left thumb on top, place the saucer like plate flat to your cupcakes then dust over the saucer to create a favourite Dr Who character finish. Too good to eat? You can always make more!

Very disappointed, uselessby Debbie Scott

1 stars out of 5

Doctor Who Dusting Set

Was very excited about getting these to decorate cupcakes but a big disappointment! They are completely useless to decorate cupcakes with as they are domed underneath so trying to apply dust (which is what it says on the packet), royal icing or spray turns into a splodgy mess. Even trying with the icing on a domed surface didn't give much improvement. The first time I have been disappointed in a Lakeland product. Pity I can't give a 0 star even a 1 is too much.

Published 23 07 2013

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review. We're sorry the dusting set hasn't given you the results you were expecting. We'd recommend dusting over a flatter surface or over the froth on top of a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. We'll be in touch shortly to help.

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