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35 15cm Cake Pop Sticks
35 15cm Cake Pop Sticks
4.2 stars out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

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Perfect!!by Olivia

5 stars out of 5

35 15cm Cake Pop Sticks

I did snowmen and christmas pudding cake pops with these and they didnt fall off once! They were the perfect size and as this was my first time with cake pops (I'm 13) I was so happy with the results! Thanks Lakeland! :)

Published 15 04 2013

good size sticksby sallyann

5 stars out of 5

35 15cm Cake Pop Sticks

do what they are supposed to do and are nice and strong. i picked the long ones as i was serving cake pops to adults so thought they might be better..i havent tried the smaller ones yet, also theres room to pop more than one pop on each stick if your creative/greedy like us.

Published 01 04 2013

Does the jobby Miss Yu

4 stars out of 5

35 15cm Cake Pop Sticks

I bought these along with the cake pop maker and they have done the job. The only thing I would maybe change about them would be probably the material of the sticks. It may be better if they were plastic but that could be because the pops might slide down the plastic or maybe the ones being sold by Lakeland are more kinder to the environment? Not sure, but still happy.

Published 03 10 2012

Lauraby laura

3 stars out of 5

35 15cm Cake Pop Sticks

I made my cake pops and dipped the sticks in chocolate so they wouldn't slide like i've been told but it didn't seem to make a difference! I stuck it in the cake pop and it still seemed to slide off so I had to hold them in place. They were fine after I left them to set in the fridge, it's a shame they aren't reusable too! However they do the job and they're a good price.

Published 22 08 2012

Greatby Mrs fitzmaurice

5 stars out of 5

35 15cm Cake Pop Sticks

Did the job for my lovely cake pops :-) at first my cake pops did slide down the stick but after reading up on this problem it was soon solved by dipping the sticks firstly into the chocolate before putting them into the cake pops! I love making cake pops now, good fun for all the family, even my husband has give them a go!! :-)

Published 29 05 2012

greatby helena

5 stars out of 5

35 15cm Cake Pop Sticks

lovely long sticks, I made the pops, inserted the sticks, took them out then frooze the cake balls. after a few hours in the freezer I dipped the sticks (1cm) in melted chocolate (I used cheapo Supermarket stuff as I am a mean person) inserted them in the cake balls where I had made the indent. The coldness of the frozed cake ball sets the sticks well. I left them in the freezer/ fridge overnight to get them to set hard ( though I think this was unnecessary) and then dipped them the next day. I didn't have a single casualty. I made them before without freezing them and they were a mess.

Published 06 04 2012

cake pops keep falling off the sticksby Carol

3 stars out of 5

35 15cm Cake Pop Sticks

I'm not sure what have I done wrong. It seems like most cake pops kept falling off from these sticks. May be these sticks are a bit too thick?

Published 22 03 2012

A note from the team: Thanks for your review. For best results dip 1cm of the lollipop stick into your melted covering (icing, chocolate etc) before inserting into the cake pop.

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