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Colourworks 4 Measuring Cups
Colourworks 4 Measuring Cups
4.2 stars out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

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Pretty and colourful!by Michela

4 stars out of 5

Colourworks 4 Measuring Cups

These are the prettiest and most cheerful measuring cups around! I used to tuck away my previous set in a drawer while these are so nice to have on display, together with their companion set of spoons. As another reviewer said, it's good to have the true American size. On a negative note, I again agree with previous reviewers: a flat bottom would be really handy; a 1/3 cup size would be essential; the ring is useless; and a minor gripe, just because I like to display them: I'd love if these and the spoons had more similar handles (the spoons' actually feel sturdier and nicer to hold).

Published 02 08 2012

Bright and cheerful, but metal is betterby Irene Maradei

4 stars out of 5

Colourworks 4 Measuring Cups

I had some stainless steel ones, with flat bottom, and they could stand on the countertop waiting for me to pour the measured items into the bowl or whatever. These rounded bottoms don't do the job that well. Plus, although these look veeery pretty, I feel safer with steel rather than melamine. And, yes, the lack of 1/3 which is relatively harder to measure is another minus. Sadly, here on Lakeland there is no other choice...

Published 15 11 2011

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At last, American cup sizes!by M

5 stars out of 5

Colourworks 4 Measuring Cups

I have a number of American cookbooks and they measure ingredients in volume rather than weight. All the cup measures I've found are UK or Australian which are a fraction larger. At first I thought it didn't matter, but baking recipes need accurate measurement and were less successful. These are a joy to use. They are the correct shape to scoop from a jar and they are very easy to level. A scoffed batch of double chocolate brownie cookies testifies to the success I've had with recipes! The only complaint I have is the set is missing a 1/3 cup size which would make it perfect.

Published 06 09 2011

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