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Glazed Terracotta Roaster
Glazed Terracotta Roaster
4.0 stars out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

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A little awkwardby Jane

2 stars out of 5

Glazed Terracotta Roaster

On the plus side this dish is... Easy to clean. Easily fits large size chicken. Cooks food so that it is very moist and tender. It is however awkward when removing from the oven as it doesn't have a grip to grab hold of so you end up placing your hands (obviously using a oven glove) around the body of the dish and hoping you don't drop it. Depending on what your cooking the dish can be quite heavy. I'm probably going to send this back.

Published 04 04 2014

A note from the team: We'd recommend the safest way using oven gloves to lift and remove this popular product is to take both sides or ends and simultaneously hold the lid edges with your thumbs and base with the remainder of your hand. This will give you a strong hold on the roaster.

Wonderful!by Dr REASON

5 stars out of 5

Glazed Terracotta Roaster

After a false start with a faulty one, with which Lakelands customer service was amazing, I used this a couple of evenings ago. PERFECT! THe most moist chicken we have ever experienced. I do not understand the other reviews saying it is too small, I got the largest chicken the supermarket had into it which fed 6 people along with some root veg around it. If they made it much bigger it would not fit into many domestic ovens. This is my new favourite way of cooking a chicken and I'll be trying other things out in it soon. A great purchase.

Published 14 11 2013

The Jury is still out!by William Sanderson

4 stars out of 5

Glazed Terracotta Roaster

I have used this roaster about four or five times since it arrived 3 weeks ago and although I think it is good I am still not convinced that the food is as tender as I was expecting or lead to believe, or as brown as I hoped.I think it is a generous size and yes it is a little on the heavy side. I bought it because I was fed up with the oven getting splashed with fat in an open roaster,and for that it is perfect. I am experimenting with longer cooking times to see if that helps the tenderness of the meat.

Published 22 01 2013

Wonderful!by Rachel

5 stars out of 5

Glazed Terracotta Roaster

Using this lets me make roast dinners just like my mum! It is really easy to use and stops the need for basting and slathering it in butter like I used to. I have quite a small oven and it takes up most of the space in there, but there was just about enough room for a tray of roast potatoes. My only confusion is that on the packagins it says both "hand wash only" and dishwasher safe?! Sticking with handwashing it for now to be safe!

Published 03 09 2012

A note from the team: The packing is incorrect.Please hand wash only as it's NOT dishwasher safe.

Good, but Joanna

3 stars out of 5

Glazed Terracotta Roaster

Works well as a roaster and does keep the oven clean. It is on the small side, definately not for a turkey! I have tried chicken, ham, and beef. They have all been tasty and the roaster is very easy to clean. However, it weighs 2.5 kilo before it is soaked (as per instructions), so once it is filled with roast and juices etc it is very heavy to lift out of the oven. Definately do not try to drain juices without lifting meat out first. Although it does roast well and it is lovely to have a clean oven I wouldn't recommended it to anyone who has an eye level oven because it is so heavy.

Published 14 06 2012

Brilliantby Mrs Davis

5 stars out of 5

Glazed Terracotta Roaster

i bought 3 of these at christmas 2 as presents and 1 for me, absolutely fantastic, brilliant, food is lovely cooked in this, even my friend bought 2, going to try brisket in it tomorrow, makes fab gravy from the juices aswell.

Published 20 02 2012

terracotta roasterby Mrs colman

5 stars out of 5

Glazed Terracotta Roaster

this item was bought in the early 1990's and I have used it regularly since, it is a boon for cooking chickens, it keeps them moist and succulent. It is easy to clean and keeps the oven free from splashes.

Published 13 02 2012

Too smallby Lucy

1 stars out of 5

Glazed Terracotta Roaster

Sadly I returned this instantly for a refund as it is much smaller/shallower than appears in the photo online, as the height of the sides is very low so the lid is huge and no point to it really! For one small chicken max with no veg and certainly not suitable for a stew for more than 2 persons.

Published 06 02 2012

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review. I'll be in touch shortly to help.

glazed terracotta roasterby Mrs frost

5 stars out of 5

Glazed Terracotta Roaster

I bought this item from Lakeland and I am so pleased with it, cooks as said in the description, leaves meat tender and full of flavour. I only use this now for all of my meat dishes. Would highly recommend to everyone to try it. Worth the money. Added bonus helps keep my cooker clean, no fat splashes or cooking spills. Wonderful.

Published 18 11 2011

So Impressed :-)by SAMANTHA

5 stars out of 5

Glazed Terracotta Roaster

I got this last week after seeing it in the summer, I cooked a large chicken with lemon & it was soo moist & lemony, as stated in the listing the meat just fell off the bone, & the lemon flavour really came through, the meal was enjoyed by the whole family & I can't wait to use it again!! I definately would recommend this pot

Published 14 11 2011

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