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EasiYo™ Mango
EasiYo™ Mango
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What an Apt Name!by Sylvia Knight

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Mango

Easiyo is definitely easy yoghurt - no more electrically heated glass jars for days! A really good way of using it (whatever flavour) is to dissolve a jelly with a quarter of a pt of boiling water in a jug, make up to half a pint with cold water, then spoon in whatever yoghurt you have into the jug until it comes up to the 1 pint level. Pour into 4 ramekin dishes or 1 large dish, and chill until it has set. This is really delicious, and I recommend a lime jelly with natural yoghurt, a raspberry jelly with a raspberry yoghurt, etc As far as actual yoghurt flavours go, mango is the best!

Published 29 11 2012

Wonderful Yoghurtby Brenda

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Mango

I have been using easiyo for a few months and have never had a problem with making them I recently purchased the mango flavour from Lakeland and have to say it is one of the best flavours you can buy. Easiyo yoghurt is so easy to make and so wonderful to eat. The fruit squirts are fabulous they taste really fruity, it is suggested to use them on yoghurt but I find I like them squirted over the easiyo ice cream which is just as easy to make as the yoghurt, the chocolate flavour being my favourite, it's rich and velvety.

Published 03 05 2011

Great Productby PHILIP JAMES

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Mango

We have recently purchased this yogurt maker and I have found this to be a fabulous buy. The mango flavour is just superb. Just keep to the rules and success every time. I thought at first that 1 litre was too much to make at one time, but it goes quickly. I suggest having extra jars at hand. I am going back to Lakeland and use the £5.00 voucher to get some more!!

Published 01 01 2011

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