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Healthy alternativeby yanqi

5 stars out of 5


We decided to not have a microwave in the house for health reasons, but reheating dishes in the oven is time consuming and the food dries out. This is a great alternative to reheat dishes and new way to cook vegetables!

Published 11 08 2014

JWhittallby Mrs Whittall

3 stars out of 5


Camping breakfast. prepare ahead of time, cooked chopped sausages, cooked chopped bacon, chopped tomatoes, grated cheese, chopped onion,Plus have ready celantro, worc sauce, pepper and salt. Eggs. Add what you fancy to the boil in a bag, add an egg, seal bag and squish all together with fingers. Pout in boiling water for about 3 minutes until eggs are just how you like them-Perfect when camping, one pot only, no washing up.

Published 04 07 2013

Boil in Bagby Marion

5 stars out of 5


These bags are just fantastic , and i would never be without them . I freeze all my garden produce , just blanch in microwave . cool and all ready for freezer . so convenient and no mess,

Published 13 08 2012

Used for camp foodsby patrick

5 stars out of 5


I must be on my 4th pack of these by now. I use them for making my own boil in the bag meals for camping mainly but have used them in the home as well. They work very well with the heat sealer I also got from Lakeland. The tall shape allows part of the top to be folded over, and kept clean, when filling. It then aids fishing out of the boiled water. Make sure there is a good amount of sauce in the bag to aid heat transfer. I have never had a bag burst on me but I also add to cold water and bring the water up to boiling.

Published 02 05 2012

Great for campingby Mrs Reason

4 stars out of 5


My husband is an outdoor instructor & camps a lot, particularly with DofE expeditions. He now uses these to pack DIY ration pack type meals in which he then either cooks boil in the bag style or more often by just adding hot water to the food in them & sitting them in a cosy for 10 mins or so. No washing up (ideal in a camp situation!) and no more eating out of aluminium camp pans. He does have to split them open to eat out of them as they are tall but narrow. I have problems when putting the dry food into them as they are statically charged & the powder sticks to the sides!

Published 01 09 2011

vegtablesby rochelle

5 stars out of 5


These are excellent to cook a number of different veg. in one saucepan saves on washing up as well. Highly reccomend these. Hope they will keep on selling them. Could do with bigger sizes though as well.

Published 10 01 2010

Boil-a-Bags excellent!by Sandra

5 stars out of 5


I use these bags for storing leftover meals in the freezer. I can freeze the food, label it, and then use the microwave to quickly warm it up. Perfect for snacks, teenage hunger prowls, and and extra bonus is that they take up very little storage space!

Published 21 11 2009

Boil in the bag do workby Mr hill

5 stars out of 5


The army are cutting back our supply of rations in the cadet force. The army rat packs contain boil in the bags. We have therefore experimented with these boil in the bags and tried to make our own. We start with a dry mix of milk powder, sugar and porridge and add boiling water from a mess tin. This works really well. However, one of the cadets put the bag of dry mix powder into the boiling water (!) and the bag immediately burst. However, when I experimented and put water inside the boil in the bag and put this directly into the mess tin full of water, there was no problem. The bag with the curry in burst because a piece of chicken probably stuck on the side of the bag causing heat energy to build up and melt the bag. If you boil food in the boil in the bag with a high water content, then it shouldn't burst. Water has a very high heat capacity.

Published 11 09 2009

Boil-a-Bags are brilliant!by john

5 stars out of 5


I use them in a pressure cooker and cook 3 or 4 meals at a time. Very useful! The bag can melt if you are not careful but this is likely to occur if the bag touches the bottom of the pan for a long time rather than the sides. I put an old cake tray in the bottom of the pan to keep the bags off the bottom and that works perfectly.

Published 10 08 2009

boil away bagby sharon

1 stars out of 5


Thought we'd try these on a camping trip to save on dirty pans. Had a lovely home made chicken curry when I lifted the bag out of the water it disintigrated and left the curry in the water..So we had no dinner and a dirty pan to clean. I'll certainly not be using them again.

Published 07 09 2008

A note from the team: Thanks for taking the time to write your review. I'm sorry to hear that the Boil-a-Bag used disintergrated, I can understand how disappointing this must be. We'll be in touch shortly.

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