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Lakeland Veggie Wedger
Lakeland Veggie Wedger
3.3 stars out of 5 based on 4 reviews.


The Lakeland Veggie Wedger product has been discontinued.

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I can not live without itby Angels

5 stars out of 5

Lakeland Veggie Wedger

I just came home late from work, switched on the oven, washed the potatoes, used the wedger, place the tray in the owen and got a wonderful dinner together with burgers and sausages!! They are lovely, healthy and easy to cook. They always want more potatoes!!

Published 22 02 2011

Not for meby Cornelia

3 stars out of 5

Lakeland Veggie Wedger

I just couldn't get this product to work for me, I found it too awkward. I did however pass it on to a friend who is using it without problem - maybe I wasn't strong enough to use it properly, have gone back to old fashioned knives!!

Published 15 01 2011

Disapointingby Mrs Greatbatch

1 stars out of 5

Lakeland Veggie Wedger

I was very disappointed. I couldn't get the gadget to work for me. The product is basically a set of blades set into a plastic case which you must pull up over a veg whilst holding the veg in place and pushing the veg down. I think you would have to be very strong to work this. if you are very strong and are looking to cut all your wedges in one go maybe this would work for you. However I didn't have enough strength to work this manual gadget as it involves a lot of strength, pushing and pulling at the same time - so I had to revert back to a knife. Not quite 'easy' or 'effortless' as strength is needed.

Published 30 12 2010

A note from the team: I'm sorry to learn that you'd found the veggie wedger difficult to use. I'll be in touch shortly.

Very usefulby Lynn

4 stars out of 5

Lakeland Veggie Wedger

I like this. It had no instructions with it but only took a moment to work it out (the clear plastic bit stays at the bottom). It took a few goes to position the potato centrally, it works better with larger spuds. It's simple to use and easy to wash up. I can see I will use this a lot.

Published 02 05 2010

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