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Kenwood Multi Food Grinder Attachment
Kenwood Multi Food Grinder Attachment
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Nice addition to your Kenwoodby ANDREW

5 stars out of 5

Kenwood Multi Food Grinder Attachment

We had considered buying this attachment for a while,and now wish we had bought it sooner.Its an easy piece of kit to use and is quite robust. We always had concerns about mince and sausage and what went into them, we have heard many horror stories.With this attachment we can now make or own and we know exactly what we are getting!It takes a little bit of practice to use the sausage maker but nothing taxing. It also has the benefit that you can experinent and make different flavour sausage. Overall a nice addition to your Kenwood,easy to use,easy to clean

Published 28 05 2012

Kenwood Multi Food Grinder Attachmentby Felicity

5 stars out of 5

Kenwood Multi Food Grinder Attachment

I recently bought one of these and am delighted with it. I just buy braising steak to mince and freeze now, so can see just what is going into the mince. We have made our own sausages for the first time and they are so very much better than anything you buy in a supermarket or even at the butcher. Very sturdy and quite easy to clean, I just oil the discs once they are dry and store ready for next time. If you haven't tried making your own sausages, I urge you to try - it is well worth the time.

Published 10 06 2011

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Excellent, robust, mincerby Ron Graves

5 stars out of 5

Kenwood Multi Food Grinder Attachment

Tip - before use scrub the plates with hot water and washing-up liquid, then fit each one to the mincer in turn and run some bread through it to clean the holes of any industrial residue.Wholemeal is best - slightly abrasive. It works very well, reducing meat to mince as fast as you can feed it in -blotting the meat on kitchen paper ensures no bloody drips. At the end, feed bread through to push the last of the meat through the plate, reducing waste almost to zero. The plates are very solid, which makes them a tad hard to clean - no big deal. Dry on radiator to avoid rust.

Published 11 04 2011

Easy to useby Mrs Lovejoy

5 stars out of 5

Kenwood Multi Food Grinder Attachment

I love gadgets but am often dissapointed when I get to use it but this was different. So easy to use and great tasting dinners using the mince. I used lean braising steak first time and made the tastiest cottage pie I've ever made. Cleaning was ok, but I'll probably do a job lot of mince at a time and freeze it. In the meantime I'm hating going back to the supermarket mince I have in the freezer and have to use up. Haven't tried the sausage maker yet as I haven't found anywhere to buy the skins from locally so will have to order some from somewhere.

Published 17 03 2010

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