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Stainless Steel Colander
Stainless Steel Colander
4.2 stars out of 5 based on 9 reviews.

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Disappointingly Smallby Deborah

4 stars out of 5

Stainless Steel Colander

A great little colander, but smaller than expected and not much use when you need to strain a large pot of rice. I use mine for washing soft fruit as it is smart enough to stand on the counter to drain. I would buy a much bigger version in a heartbeat to strain my rice~much, much bigger! Marking down due to disappointingly small size.

Published 29 09 2014

Simple & effective designby Reb Deacon

5 stars out of 5

Stainless Steel Colander

Such a simple design, but deceptive as it is so much more effective at draining than other colanders I have had. It is already one of my most frequently used kitchen essentials. The only slight drawback (to agree with another reviewer) - I could do with it being 70% bigger, or available in two sizes, so that I can drain more things in larger quantities. Lakeland...can you get another size made please, because I'd be fist in line! Update 2012 - Lakeland listened & brought out a larger version, which I bought and am equally delighted with - thanks.

Published 12 02 2013

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Excellent bit of kitby marilyn sheldrake

4 stars out of 5

Stainless Steel Colander

I bought both the large and small colanders and I am extremely pleased with them both. The non-slip silicone base is really useful, everything drains really well and no more rice down the sink!! Because it's a steel mesh the outside can feel quite sharp so it's handy that I can put them into the dishwasher. Overall I'm really pleased.

Published 13 04 2012

Nearly Brilliantby Christine

4 stars out of 5

Stainless Steel Colander

Flat base, silicone handles, no hidden curled edges - all brilliant facts. However don't try rinsing uncooked rice (as with Thai rice) as it goes straight throught the holes. That's the reason for 4 not 5 stars.

Published 06 05 2011

Didn't last Mr Bremner

2 stars out of 5

Stainless Steel Colander

Although this colander seemed quite small to look at, it was actually just perfect most of the time for a family of four, for a pan or rice or draining tins of beans etc. However, I've only used it three times, and already one of the handles is coming off, which is not much use.

Published 03 01 2011

A note from the team: We'll contact you about the faulty colander, we're sorry for the disappointment. Thankyou for your feedback.

Brilliantby sandra

5 stars out of 5

Stainless Steel Colander

I have been looking for years for a colander that does what it's supposed to do, finally I've found it, and love it, excellent for the two of us...but would appreciate a larger size for when friends and family join us.

Published 21 11 2010

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Brilliant, love itby Michelle

4 stars out of 5

Stainless Steel Colander

I bought one of these a couple of months ago and absolutely love it. Unlike other colanders I have used, this one has lots of holes in the base as well as along the sides, which makes it easier to drain food without a lot of shaking and tipping. The base ring is coved just like the handles so no more scratched sink! My only small negative would be the size, (hence 4 stars) it is great for a family of three, but when cooking for more I do need to split the food to be drained. Any chance of a slightly bigger one Lakeland?

Published 23 07 2009

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Excellent little colanderby Rosemary

5 stars out of 5

Stainless Steel Colander

This is a sturdy little colander/strainer for anything really, but especially rice, lentils etc. For me it is a bit small for straining vegetables and potatoes but I use my larger colander for these. Would recommend this product.

Published 10 06 2009

Perfect!by Lucy

5 stars out of 5

Stainless Steel Colander

Having searched high and low for the best colander, I have found it. It does exactly what it says it does and makes light of straining rice, vegetables....anything. It has a good grip, the sillicone base means that you can give it a good whack to get the excess water out once at the sink. Really really happy.

Published 02 02 2009

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