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Squeeze Bottles
Squeeze Bottles
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Very versatileby Mrs Nicola Denoon Duncan

5 stars out of 5

Squeeze Bottles

I bought these bottles because I wanted to decant some vinaigrette I had bought from the supermarket in France - it was too thick for the nozzle but I just snipped a bit off to make the nozzle a bit wider. The larger one I use for cooking oil so the family don't use too much in the frying pan! I have just ordered some more and give them to all my friends....

Published 26 03 2012

Very Disappointedby Elizabeth

1 stars out of 5

Squeeze Bottles

Firstly, I only wanted one bottle for some salad dressing but had to buy two as they only come in packs of two (very annoying and wasteful). Then I found that the hole in the top of the squeezy bottle wasn't large enough to let the salad dressing through! So all in all, a disappointment and a total waste of money.

Published 22 01 2011

A note from the team: Thankyou for your feedback. We're sorry that you've had a disappointment with the squeeze bottles. Our customer services team will contact you to help.

Good for other than foodstuffsby Mrs Walker

5 stars out of 5

Squeeze Bottles

I have washing up liquid in the kitchen and shampoo in the bathroom decanted into these bottles, much easier to control the amount one needs to use so less waste and, yippee, no build up of 'gloop' around the nozzle.

Published 17 01 2011

Excellent drizzlers!by Prue

5 stars out of 5

Squeeze Bottles

I bought these bottles in your Chelmsford store and would heartily recommend them. I use them all the time for drizzling oil or balsamic vinegar - good control over the drizzling speed which not only helps to create nice patterns or blobs but also is excellent for controlling how much dressing goes on your salad if you're dieting.

Published 06 02 2010

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