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EasiYo™ Bio-Strawberry Yoghurt
EasiYo™ Bio-Strawberry Yoghurt
4.4 stars out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

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Easiyoby shirley

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Strawberry Yoghurt

I have the opposite problem to people requesting low fat, my son has Cystic Fibrosis & struggles to put weight on & I bought him this hoping he will eat it.. I'm so happy to say he loves the strawberry one & were going to work our way through them all, but it's made me so happy as he doesn't eat yoghurt, or anything hardly, but this he even wanted in his pack lunch :) xx It really is delicious :) x

Published 25 04 2014

Yummy!by Amy

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Strawberry Yoghurt

I love this flavour the best. I have never had any problems with it setting. I always rinse my pot with hot water after washing with soap to make sure no suds so I don't know if this helps it set and make sure my water isn't too cold.

Published 23 01 2011

Disappointing Strawberry and Raspberryby Rachel

1 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Strawberry Yoghurt

I am a big fan of Easi-Yo and have recently purchased starter packs for friends as presents. I think the quality of the yogurt is excellent and have never had any problems. However, I have tried the strawberry and raspberry flavours for the first time and am massively disappointed. Neither flavours have set despite trying tepid water and extra hot water in the barrel. I will be sticking to the bio-skimmers and cherry flavours in the future. Very disappointed and a waste of money.

Published 21 12 2010

A note from the team: Thanks for your review. We're sorry that the raspberry and strawberry flavours haven't worked for you. We'll be in touch.

Great yoghurt!by Marie

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Strawberry Yoghurt

I love this yoghurt, it tastes of strawberries and is just very yummy to eat. It makes up very easily and is such an economical way of buying yoghurt that I don't know why everyone doesn't do it! One thing I'd like to see at Lakeland is the lowfat fruit flavour yoghurts which I've seen elsewhere, in berry, apricot, lemon and vanilla. I've never tried them but understand that they are lovely and they would be a good addition to the selection on offer here.

Published 03 04 2009

A note from the team: I've passed your lowfat flavour suggestion on to our buying team for them to keep it in mind for the future.

Perfect Strawberry Flavourby Catherine

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Strawberry Yoghurt

Lovely, not too sweet, not too sharp, just yummy strawberry goodness. This is my favourite easiyo flavour I think. It has just the right level of creaminess too, it is just on the right side of indulgent. A tip for anyone who's new to easiyo, if you have difficulty getting the yoghurt to set it's because the temperature of the yoghurt is too low (it took me a while to work this one out!). In the winter months especially tap water is really really cold, and that stops the cultures doing their stuff. If you have consistency issues (or just like the yoghurt thicker) mix tap water with cooled boiled water (just a tiny bit, about a centimetre or so of pre-boiled water, left for about five minutes or so should do it).

Published 29 03 2009

Best flavourby Mike Goulden

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Strawberry Yoghurt

Does anyone not like strawberry flavour? This one's a beauty, our favourite flavour. Not too sweet or strong. Yoghurty pefection. Do not miss out on this one.

Published 08 03 2009

Yummy!by Jill

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Strawberry Yoghurt

This tastes lovely and is very easy to make. I started using it because I didn't like having to throw away plastic yogurt pots every day and I can't recycle them where I live. Now I buy it beacuse it tastes better than the supermarket stuff.

Published 25 01 2009

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