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EasiYo™ Bio-Natural Mixes
EasiYo™ Bio-Natural Mixes
4.9 stars out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

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yummy easiyoby Mrs RADDINGS

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Natural Mixes

I already have a yogurt maker, and have tried all the various flavours of yogurts, and have not been disappointed, in fact, I have been delighted, so much so I am buying myself a 2nd yogurt maker, and one for my sister. So easy to make and so delicious to, my favourites are the fruit and cream, but in truth I like them all. I have recommended these to all my family and friends. , I also have the ice cream mixes too, why not try these too, you wont be disappointed, in fact you will be delighted

Published 15 10 2012

Delicious & Easyby Susan

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Natural Mixes

Since investing in the Easiyo system I have enjoyed delicious, creamy yoghurt whenever I need it, especially on my morning porridge. Make in a few minutes in the morning, leave until evening, pop in fridge, ready for breakfast next day. Easy.

Published 12 08 2011

Scrumptious - each and every one of them!by Margaret Wilson

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Natural Mixes

I simply cannot decide which is the best flavour! Each one is so thick and creamy. Having read some other reviews, people have said certain flavours haven't set. I've not had one problem Simply use tepid water, rather than cold and the result is a perfect pot of positively gorgeous yoghurt.

Published 26 08 2009

A family breakfast favouriteby chris

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Natural Mixes

I actually won the yoghart maker in a competition and used the first few packets. Now all the family have yoghart sometimes twice a day, all the children like to add fruit or honey to flavour, and there's no rows over the best flavours being eaten first, they just add what they like the most.

Published 08 04 2009

Easy Yoby Miss Hardie

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Natural Mixes

Tried this first a few years ago when mum bought it - better than bought stuff as you know what it contains and you can vary the ingredients to suit what you have in season in the garden. Perfect for 1 too, it makes just enough and you can add it to flavour soups etc as well.

Published 29 09 2008

Surprisingly yummy!by Annie

4 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Natural Mixes

I was very very sceptical of Easy Yo and only bought the yoghurt maker because I'd heard it was equally simple to use for making yoghurt the traditional way (ie, with starter, and boiled milk, etc). I was surprised though that the packets contain no 'plastic' ingredients at all, they are soooo easy to use and the results are scrummy! It's not a cheap way to make yoghurt and not particularly convenient.... but so much fun and with very lovely results

Published 01 08 2008

Really good yoghurt!by BOB SIMMONS

5 stars out of 5

EasiYo™ Bio-Natural Mixes

My wife and i tried the Easiyo products about a month ago and were so impressed with them that we now have four jugs and the full range of flavours and fruit squirts. We normally spend about £15 weekly on yoghurt from the supermarket so apart from recouping the cost of the jugs quickly we can enjoy a really good quality/flavoured treat and we know what is in it. Try it - you will be pleased with it!

Published 30 07 2008

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