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Size 4 Freezeasy Bags 20 x 30 cm
Size 4 Freezeasy Bags 20 x 30 cm
3.3 stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

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FREEZEASY BAGSby Jennifer Kidd

3 stars out of 5

Size 4 Freezeasy Bags 20 x 30 cm

Oh I do agree, that the boxes are far less convenient than the old style 'flat packs'! Three or four different sizes lying one on top of each other took up less space than the boxes and were still easy to access.. However, I am still buying them for the quality.

Published 09 01 2014

I made a mistakeby Pearl Matthews

4 stars out of 5

Size 4 Freezeasy Bags 20 x 30 cm

I placed my order in a hurry at night and mistakenly ordered flat bags instead of gussetted as I've used Size 4 bags for years and they were always gusseted. In the cold light of day reading the descriptions I realise my mistake as Lakeland has now expanded the range so all bags are available in both flat and gussetted versions. I'm sure I'll be able to use them although they're less roomy. I've used Lakeland bags for years and find them very good for keeping frozen food as well as other storage. I personally prefer the flat packs rather than the boxes.

Published 30 07 2013

Great bagsby Linda Davis

5 stars out of 5

Size 4 Freezeasy Bags 20 x 30 cm

I have used these bags for years and prefer the current box. They fit nicely in my cupboard or in the corner of my worktop where it is easy to see what size they are, the bags are kept cleaner in the box as I don't have to put my hand in the box to remove one, and it is easier to get them out one at a time. I wish the Stayfresh bags had similar boxes! My cupboard would look much tidier then.

Published 17 01 2013

storage bagsby PAULINE

5 stars out of 5

Size 4 Freezeasy Bags 20 x 30 cm

I like these bags - I have a selection of several sizes and unlike the other reviews, I like the boxes. I keep them in the boxes and they store very easily in a kitchen drawer and I can see at a glance which size I need. They're good quality and don't tear.

Published 20 07 2012

Boxed bagsby June

1 stars out of 5

Size 4 Freezeasy Bags 20 x 30 cm

The bags are good quality, but the problem with then as far as I am concerned is the box that they are packaged in. The box is two big to go into modern kitchen sized drawers, the old packaging (which is shown on the Web) fits perfectly O.K. but the new boxes of the bags that we bought are to deep for the drawers. Why can't Lakeland leave the packaging alone once a product has been offered. Derek.

Published 09 02 2012

Freezeasyby Margaret Wheatley

2 stars out of 5

Size 4 Freezeasy Bags 20 x 30 cm

I have been using these bags since the firm started, and have never been let down. They are tough and don't split. Unfortunately the packaging is diabolical! The boxes take up too much room in my drawer, and need unloading to find the correct size. They may stack on shop shelves better than flat packs, but still need more space overall. For the first time since I used them I have been buying rival packs from supermarkets in user friendly formats without unnecessary boxes.

Published 17 01 2012

A note from the team: Thanks for your review and taking the time to speak to me on the phone. I'm happy to pass on your comments about the packaging and the suggestion for an end of roll indicator.

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