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Bamix® SliceSy
Bamix® SliceSy
2.7 stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

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Bamix Slicesyby Adam

4 stars out of 5

Bamix® SliceSy

Purchased this item along with the Bamix electric blender. The Slicesy recently developed a fault. More in hope than expectation I contacted Lakeland who agreed to replace the Slicesy free of charge! Now that's what I call customer service!

Published 20 07 2012

A note from the team: Thank you for placing your review. We're please to see we were able to help. .

Not impressedby Lisa

1 stars out of 5

Bamix® SliceSy

I bought this as I was so impressed with the bamix. However after attempting to use it a few times it has been left in the cupboard. Too expensive to throw out but too much trouble to use. Doesn't take up much room, reasonably easy to wash up and blade is v v sharp but still not very effective. Doesn't chop evenly and I always lose some mixture under the insert at the bottom. Doesn't feel good to use. The only thing it does ok is grate cheddar but I still hardly ever use it for that as I feel so frustrated with it overall that I don't enjoy using it. I know -I ought to just chuck it out...

Published 29 08 2011

A note from the team: I'm sorry to hear that the Bamix slicesy hasn't been suitable. I'll be in touch shortly.

Bamix SliceSyby Mo Silverman

3 stars out of 5

Bamix® SliceSy

I have used this succesfully to grate carrots for coleslaw, however I do feel that the feed tube could be bigger as it will not take a whole cucumber for slicing. DISASTER using it to grate some Edam cheese, the cheese was lumpy and the machine over heated and took ages to cool down after, perhaps on hard cheese it would be better but not good with softer cheese, next time I will use my hand grater for that.

Published 01 08 2011

A note from the team: Thanks for placing your review. I've passed your feed tube improvement suggestion on to our buying team

Very disappointedby Jackie Gibbins

2 stars out of 5

Bamix® SliceSy

I decided to upgrade my run of the mill stick blender earlier in the year, and when I saw the Sliceasy processor accessory I thought it would be ideal to replace the small processor from my original set. I am so disappointed. My old stick blender processor attachment handled everything with ease from breadcrumbs to vegetables to nuts. So with the Christmas approaching I thought I would breeze through the cooking without having to get out my big processor. I can't honestly say this has managed anything satisfactorily yet. Breadcrumbs were not ground finely. It could not cope with grinding whole almonds. Bacon to finely chopped bacon? No. The bacon just kept wrapping itself round the central blade. It certainly doesn't save time because I have to keep redistributing the ingredients to try and get the food processed. I wish I had stuck with my cheep and cheerful set.

Published 13 11 2010

A note from the team: I'm sorry you'd been disappointed with the performance of the Slicesy. I'll be in touch shortly.

Disappointingby Kim

2 stars out of 5

Bamix® SliceSy

I bought this to replace my old, larger food processor as cupboard space in my new smaller kitchen was an issue and I already had the hand held Bamix. Whilst the capacity is not big it is adequate for me and for slicing etc it's fine. I was looking for a bit more though as I used my old processor to make crumbles, pastry etc and this isn't really up to the job...the blade doesn't really chop fine enough and when I was putting flour and sugar into the bowl it was getting caught up in the drive shaft. I wouldn't buy it again...

Published 16 01 2010

A note from the team: I'm sorry that the product didn't live up to your expectations - we'll be in touch shortly.

Small but does a good jobby Nicky Huskinson

4 stars out of 5

Bamix® SliceSy

I use this for making coleslaw, and it does an excellent job of grating the carrot to just the right size - far better than my food processor does. The downside is that its capacity is small, so if you're making a large amount it's necessary to do it in several batches. The top part isn't dishwasher safe, and can be a bit fiddly to clean, but the rest will go in the dishwasher, and takes up far less space than a food processer bowl, so if you tend to mostly make small quantities it's very useful.

Published 08 11 2008

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