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Adjustable Insect Repellent Block
Adjustable Insect Repellent Block
2.3 stars out of 5 based on 24 reviews.

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no fragranceby Mr Thompson

1 stars out of 5

Adjustable Insect Repellent Block

Having bought these previously I know how these should give off a pleasant fragrance, the four I've just received (ref. 50606)have absolutely no fragrance at all & are no use,unfortunately due to my circumstances I cannot afford to send these back or I would be, I'm extremely disappointed.

Published 30 05 2009

A note from the team: I'm sorry that on this occasion the product wasn't as expected. We'll be in touch shortly.

insect repellent worked for me!by Mrs Cooper

5 stars out of 5

Adjustable Insect Repellent Block

You've done it again Lakeland! Flies have become an increasingly irritating problem this summer - despite the lack of hot, sunny weather. I'd tried everything to stop them including resorting to running around my kitchen brandishing a fly swat like a possessed ninja - nothing worked till this... I've had my adjustable insect repellent up on the window sill for just 3 days now and the number of flies entering my kitchen through the open door/windows has reduced from approx 20/30 a day to ZERO today. Thank you!

Published 11 08 2008

.. we found it was excellent!by David

4 stars out of 5

Adjustable Insect Repellent Block

We have just returned from France and had just one in our house there. Initially we put it high up on a beam, but this did not work well at all, so tried putting it on a small table which considerably reduced the number of flies and small insects in the room (32 sq metres). Now about to buy a dozen!.. hope there are enough in stock - perhaps they are cheaper by the box?! So we suggest Lynne tries again - it does work!

Published 03 08 2008

Waste of moneyby Lynne

1 stars out of 5

Adjustable Insect Repellent Block

Last year I successfully used a similar insect repellent, after scouring the shops looking for the same product, I found these on the Lakeland website. Unfortunately I found they do NOT do what they say on the box! The flies in the apex of my conservatory seem unbothered by the product, even though we have it taped to the apex. Anyone have suggestions on how I successfully discourage flies please, without resorting to spray? Thank you

Published 21 07 2008

A note from the team: Thanks for taking the time to write your review. I'm sorry to learn that the Insect Repellent does not work as expected. We'll be in touch shortly.

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