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Mad Millie Strawberry and Pear Cider Kit

Once you’ve brewed – and enjoyed – your home-made cider courtesy of Mad Millie’s Starter Kit, that doesn’t have to be the end of your summer cider supping – in fact, why not branch out and try a different flavour when you make your next batch? This refill kit contains all the ingredients for you to create 9 litres of scrumptious strawberry & pear cider and, just like the apple cider made with the Starter Kit, it takes just 21 days to create this fruity thirst-quencher with around 5% alcohol content. Kit comprises strawberry & pear cider ingredient kit (fruit concentrate, flavouring, yeast and sweetener) plus carbonation drops, steriliser, cleaner and full instructions.

Cat Ref: SKU 44094


The Mad Millie Strawberry and Pear Cider Kit product has been discontinued.

Ingredient lists and quantities: Strawberry & Pear Cider concentrate (1 x 1.5kg pouch – ingredients: pear juice concentrate, (49%), invert syrup, glucose syrup, strawberry juice concentrate (4%), citric acid, natural colouring (anthocyanin), water, preservative (sodium metabisulphite). Contains sulphites); Carbonation drops (1 x 24 drops sachet – ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup); Steriliser (2 x 25g sachet – ingredients: sodium carbonate peroxide); Detergent (2 x 25g sachet – ingredients: dishwashing cleaning powder); Strawberry & Pear flavourings (1 x 14.5g sachet – ingredients: flavourings); Yeasts and nutrient (1 x 9.2g sachet – ingredients: dried yeasts, yeast nutrients); Cider Sweetener (1 x 2.75g sachet – Ingredients: acesulphame potassium, dextrose monohydrate). Contains sulphites

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